Nov 04, 2020 IN News / Street Lighting

LumenRadio presents AirGlow - an advanced wireless outdoor lighting control with unique range and easy commissioning

Wireless lighting technology expert LumenRadio launches AirGlow – a new product for outdoor lighting control that comes with a Zhaga Book 18 connector for easy installation and LumenRadio’s ultra reliable wireless mesh technology built in. In addition, AirGlow offers features and benefits not seen before in the outdoor lighting control segment, which together with the patented Mira technology, offer future IoT possibilities. 

There is a growing demand for wireless connectivity on the lighting control market right now. Many manufacturers want to add value to their products and get IoT ready, but they do not always have the wireless expertise needed. LumenRadio’s new AirGlow product, their latest addition for outdoor light control, is built on their patented Mira technology, a technology which is known for its unparalleled reliability, coexisting mesh possibilities and Bluetooth interoperability. Built into AirGlow, customers will also find major benefits such as easy commissioning through Bluetooth devices, superior wireless range through the use of optimized radio performance, and quick response times through low-latency mesh functionality.

LumenRadio has a long experience in radio communication and wireless light control and clearly sees the need for the AirGlow product. Niclas Norlén, CTO of LumenRadio, explains:

“We are really excited to offer this brand new light control solution to the market. Since LumenRadio started 12 years ago, I have had the vision of a smart outdoor lighting system and with LED’s now being standard in luminaires, this is finally possible. With AirGlow, lighting manufacturers not only get an advanced and reliable light control but they can also get started today with our “Connectivity-out-of-the-box-concept”. Also, by allowing manufacturers to get access to the AirGlow software, they have the possibility to tailor  their offer and later add their own unique features and “IoT-functionality”, should they want to.”

Rapid installations and easy commissioning is highly prioritized in all of LumenRadio’s wireless products, as it is a way for both the luminaire manufacturer and installer to save costs and increase margins.

Robert Larsson, Business Area Manager Lighting at LumenRadio, says: 

“A product like AirGlow must work flawlessly! A satisfied installer that can do his job quickly and easily is our main goal and that is why we have created a robust and easy-to-use installation workflow. The free AirGlow app is used for commissioning and light scene configuration and is possible to use on any portable device.”

By choosing AirGlow your luminaires become IoT ready and Future-Proof with a minimum development effort. With growing volumes you have the possibility to integrate the Mira radio module and AirGlow firmware package directly into your luminaire at a later stage.

For further information, please contact:

Niclas Norlén, CTO, LumenRadio 

+46 (0)766 27 87 28,

Robert Larsson, Business Area Manager – Lighting, LumenRadio