Jan 14, 2016 IN News / Entertainment Lighting

LumenRadio goes interactive at Lux Helsinki

Leading wireless lighting control manufacturer, LumenRadio, once again proved that arctic conditions is not a problem for its sturdy products. At the annual Lux Helsinki festival, a number of CRMX Slim units were used to realise the vision of Light Artist Kari Kola with his piece Color Park.

In Color Park the audience can switch the color of the illuminated details of the artwork through several interactive movement and distance sensors. Kola urges the viewers to play with his art: “You can step under a coloured light and your presence will tone the vault next to the Old Church. Ask your friend to come along and you can mix the colours together” explains Kola on his piece. “Or try painting with your hand! Colors react to the sound frequency of the theremin, an instrument invented nearly a hundred years ago. The changes in the sound frequency changes the frequency of light, in other words, the color of light”, hints Kola on his new experiment.

Kola?s signature shows in strong colours that play the main role in the artwork. This results in tranquil, nearly a meditative vibe in the park in which the viewers can focus on experiencing and exploring light. The visuality of the artwork is supported by multi-channel soundscape. Color Park will be one of Kola?s largest pieces of light art in Finland.

LumenRadio?s Finnish distributor Sun Effects were tasked with providing the wireless infrastructure necessary for the installation. In total 6 x CRMX Slim TX and 20 x CRMX Slim RX RDM were used to reliably distribute data to remote locations.

Otso Vartiainen, Lighting & System Designer at Sun Effects explains: “An installation of this size and type would be very difficult to pull of using DMX cables. Having used LumenRadio?s Slim units in sub-freezing temperatures many times before, we knew we would be able to deliver both the functionality and reliability necessary.”

The CRMX Slim series from LumenRadio is the most compact and cost efficient wireless unit for permanent indoor and outdoor installations. CRMX Slim products can easily be mounted inside lighting poles or anywhere else where space is limited. The integrated DMX to DALI converter makes it a perfect solution where DMX and DALI fixtures are mixed in the same installation. All CRMX Slim products are IP65 rated and have a discreet and secure housing which ensures reliable long-term operation in outdoor or other humid environments.