Sep 17, 2021 IN News / HVAC & Building Automation

LumenRadio announces the W-Modbus, an OEM offering for wireless meshing Modbus RTU.

Wireless HVAC & Building Automation technology expert LumenRadio launches the W-Modbus Module – strengthening its OEM offering within the HVAC & Building Automation space. With a small footprint, easy integration and suitability for high-volume production, OEMs now have the possibility to integrate the W-Modbus technology into their own products.

There is a growing demand for faster installations and layout flexibility in today’s market for commercial buildings – with tenants moving in and out more often, the layout of the building needs to adapt frequently and rapidly. W-Modbus enables faster and easier changes of the building since you no longer need to worry about the cabling. Building owners today also want to be able to control and easily manage their buildings. Smarter Buildings means more sensors, more controls and a more complex environment. Here W-Modbus is a perfect fit with no impact or interference with the existing ecosystem in the building.

W-Modbus Module now offers OMEs the possibility to integrate the W-Modbus technology into their products, giving them all the benefits of the technology. The W-Modbus Module is built on LumenRadio´s ultra-reliable technology MiraOS. Through patented technologies the product possesses unparalleled reliability and resilience towards interference, great range and can handle the toughest of installations. 

Erik Orrskog, Business Area Manager HVAC & Building Automation at LumenRadio, says:

After the successful launch of W-Modbus earlier this year, we now release the same offering for OMEs to integrate. The W-Modbus Module is easy and fast to implement, meaning OEMs will reduce time to market for their next development project. Integrating the W-Modbus technology also gives OEMs the possibility to use the existing infrastructure of W-Modbus devices already on the market, and possibly already deployed in the building.“

For further information, please contact:

Erik Orrskog, Business Area Manager – HVAC & Building Automation, LumenRadio 

+46 (0)732 70 68 89