Jun 03, 2016 IN News / Entertainment Lighting

LumenRadio announces cooperation with LiteGear

LumenRadio announces cooperation with LiteGear who design and build LED lighting gear for professionals in Cinema, TV, and HD Video industries. LiteGear was the pioneer behind the popularization of flexible LED lighting for use in Cinema and TV lighting applications. Their product, LED LiteRibbon™ has transformed sets across the nation by allowing set and lighting designers to integrate light into places that were not previously possible.

Now LiteGear introduce the LiteDimmer Wireless DMX system which makes use of LumenRadio’s CRMX™ – wireless dmx technology. LiteDimmer Wireless is designed as an ultra compact LED controller system. It is comprised of a transceiver capable of transmitting or receiving DMX signal as well as several LED dimmer units. Because these dimmers incorporate advanced RF receivers along with their dimming circuit in one small housing, LiteDimmer Wireless two- and four-channel units are perfect for use with costumes or props, such as lanterns.

The LiteDimmer wireless system makes use of genuine LumenRadio CRMX™ radios for rock-solid performance and compatibility with many third-party wireless transmitters and receivers. The system has been developed by LiteGear in close cooperation with long time LumenRadio partner RC4 Wireless.

“With LumenRadio’s proven reliability and strong track record the choice of wireless technology was obvious to us. With the combination of LumenRadio and RC4 technologies, we strongly believe that we have products offering the ultimate reliability and flexibility for our market,” says Paul Royalty, VP of Sales at LiteGear.

The LiteDimmer Wireless DMX System is the first LiteGear product line to utilize LumenRadio’s award winning technology, but not the last. Royalty continues: “We’re very excited about integrating LumenRadio technology into our whole series of DMX products in the future”.

”We are very happy to have LiteGear onboard as a partner. Being associated with their strong brand strengthens our position as market leaders for reliable wireless DMX in film and TV lighting. We are very excited about this partnership and what it will bring for the future,” says Marcus Bengtsson International Sales Manager, LumenRadio