Mar 18, 2020 IN News / Entertainment Lighting

LumenRadio adds new features to MoonLite, TimoTwo, TiMo and the RDMchip

LumenRadio keeps adding more features to their CRMX platform for wireless DMX. Three of the latest additions are DMX Hold, RDM over SPI and local DMX output from Bluetooth connections.

With the newly updated CRMX toolbox app, available on the App Store and Google Play, you can update your MoonLite and TimoTwo fixtures with the new firmware that includes DMX Hold and local DMX output from Bluetooth connections. Available as a configurable option, when enabled the MoonLite or TimoTwo keeps outputting the last received DMX data to the fixtures even when the upstream DMX data is lost or interrupted – by choice or by accident. This makes MoonLite the perfect app-to-rig interface, without need for additional hardware.

This feature is especially useful in Retail Lighting applications, where the shop owner can turn on DMX Hold and then set desired scenes through the Luminair app and disconnect from MoonLite without the lights blacking out. No need for a dedicated controller tablet anymore. Other applications where this feature is useful is for instance on larger production sets within Film & Broadcasting, where the gaffer no longer needs to stay close to the fixtures – walking out of Bluetooth range, no longer means accidentally affecting the lighting setup.

“This is just a couple of all the improvements that we’re making to the products. TimoTwo is such a powerful platform, that we can keep adding updates to for a long time to come. The hardware, both the radio and the CPU, is definitely future-proof – there’s really no limit to what we can do by continuing to develop the firmware.”

Niclas Norlén, CTO LumenRadio

LumenRadio also shows its wireless RDM market leadership by adding the possibility to run RDM over SPI on several hardware platforms; TiMo, the RDMchip and TimoTwo. This will now allow for an even easier integration for fixture developers that no longer need to use the RS485 interface for RDM, instead they can now use the SPI interface for the full functionality.

Being embedded developers ourselves, we always strive to listen to the input from our customers integrating our technology into their products, around how their work can be made more efficient. This new functionality will not be visible to the end user, but it will make life easier for designers and developers wanting to build great RDM-capable tech based on CRMX.”

Michael Karlsson, Research & Innovation Manager and long-time ESTA RDM Task Group member at LumenRadio

In order to benefit from these new features, you need to run the latest firmware available in the CRMX Firmware Pack (TiMo and RDMchip). For the TimoTwo/MoonLite the new firmware is still in beta, so if you want to use this you need to turn on the “Use beta firmware” option in the CRMX Toolbox app and run an update.