Feb 27, 2024 IN News / Architectural Lighting

Galileo MAX will take creative lighting to new heights

Galileo MAX is LumenRadio’s latest addition to the Galileo family of Wireless DMX products used primarily for architectural lighting.

Expanding on the existing Galileo range, Galileo MAX is full of features in an installation-friendly package which allows users to bring a new level of creativity to their lighting projects.

Users can build a network using one Galileo MAX linked to an unlimited number of receivers – either fixtures from LumenRadio’s OEM partners or LumenRadio products.

A further benefit are the monitoring capabilities which allow users to connect to Galileo MAX remotely and use their browser to create addresses, complete set-up and perform system healthchecks online.

Interested in trying it out?

Galileo MAX is available through LumenRadio’s network of distributors.

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Reliable wireless DMX technology

Based on LumenRadio’s trusted CRMX technology for wireless DMX, Galileo MAX provides a range and performance which allows creativity to take center stage. By using either DIN-rail cabinets or IP67 certified enclosures, the product can be used for all indoor and outdoor installations, making it perfect for all types of architectural lighting projects.

Expansion of the Galileo range

The Galileo MAX multi-universe wireless DMX transmitter joins the TX single universe wireless DMX transmitter and RX Single universe wireless DMX receiver as part of the Galileo family.