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Fagerhult has chosen AirGlow as a wireless lighting controller for their Opalume RGBW series

Swedish lighting manufacturer Fagerhult has been looking for a reliable wireless lighting controller and the decision fell upon LumenRadios D4i certified Zhaga Book 18 node – AirGlow.

Fagerhult’s Opalume RGBW series – a range of weatherproof luminaires for streets and roads – comes in different variants and add-ons such as a Zhaga-D4i socket and wireless light control. 

After test and evaluation of LumenRadio’s AirGlow, Fagerhult quickly found that AirGlow was the best solution due to reliability, range and the products ability to handle 6 channel DALI DT6.

With the easy to use AirGlow app (DALI controller in your pocket) for iOS and Android, superior range of 1500 meters between 2 nodes (not even started meshing) and reliability the choice was easy for Fagerhult. Today you are able to order any fixture of the Opalume series with AirGlow functionality via their configurator.

Niclas Norlén, the product manager of AirGlow, is excited over Fagerhult’s choice; 

“We are very happy to have Fagerhult onboard and are really looking forward to the first project with the Opalume fixtures”

Would you like a demo of how easy it is to use AirGlow is for architectural lighting, or need guidance in the mesh and RGBW jungle please reach out.

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