Nov 21, 2019 IN Insights / News

Evaluate MiraOS without any programming skills!

Setting up a demo for wireless technology might seem like a daunting project – well, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can be a fun and creative process! With our starter kit you can evaluate MiraOS without any programming skills and get up and running in no time! 

Wireless device to device connectivity

We claim that MiraOS is the most reliable and Future-Proof wireless mesh technology for your connected products. But don’t just take our word for it. We would be more than happy if you would like to put MiraOS to the test! 

Right now you can experience the world of wireless possibilities and evaluate MiraOS with our starter kit. The kit contains 3 sensors (Ruuvi tags), one Raspberry Pi and access to the Grafana dashboard. This is the perfect way to test range, reliability, low power and mesh in a Mira network. 

Collect valuable data within a few clicks

Without any programming skills you get sensor data and networks statistics in the dashboard Grafana which is preconfigured in the starterkit. With a few clicks you can collect data such as  temperature, humidity and pressure. This is how you get started: 

  1. Power up the Raspberry Pi and connect to its Wi-Fi network on your computer. Turn on the Ruuvi tags and wait for the tags to join the mesh network powered by MiraOS. Log in to Grafana in your internet browser and start collecting your data. 
  2. When the Ruuvi tags join the Mira network, they start sending sensor data to the Raspberry Pi. The data contains temperature, humidity, pressure, battery level and also network metrics as ETX and parent node.

Ready for a Mesh Moment?

Do you want to test range and mesh? Or what would stop the wireless connectivity? Want to see how far can you reach with 3 Ruuvitags and a Raspberry Pi? Please test our technology in any way possible. Below are some ideas.  

  1. Place 1 Ruuvitag each in 3 adjacent rooms. Wait for the mesh network to build up and view the mesh topology in Grafana. Can you increase the distance between the tags even further? 
  2. Challenge our wireless technology even further and transmit wireless through thick concrete walls and metal doors. Can you mesh trough it?
  3. Low power consumption is also possible to test, but it will take a while – some years actually – to drain the battery in meshing mode. So this one is definitely up to you!

Get a kit of your own!

Place an order today and start exploring the world of wireless possibilities and the reliance and stability of the MiraOS wireless mesh technology. What do you want to create?