Oct 25, 2017 IN News / Entertainment Lighting

LumenRadio is used at a high-profile launch event for new car

At a recent unveiling of a new car from a high-profile car manufacturer, Mattias Oslak, Light designer from Mediatec Solutions, used a total 180 fixtures, alongside a number of LumenRadio transmitters, to illuminate and control both the indoor and outdoor environment.

At the launch event, which was held at the Volvo Studios in Milano, a large number of SGM R2’s were used to illuminate the Volvo XC40 and to light up the front part of the stage. In an area of over 200 square meters, where no cabled fixtures were allowed, Mattias opted to go with LumenRadio as his choice for reliable wireless DMX connectivity.

“I have worked with LumenRadio products for several years and choose it because of the great reliability and flexibility. When using LumenRadio’s wireless technology  together with battery-powered fixtures, a world of creative, but yet reliable, options presents themselves.” says, Mattias Oslak  Light designer at Mediatec Solutions Sweden AB.

At the same event, Mattias mounted a number of Astera fixtures, such as the AX10, AX5 and AX3, onto rails and custom-made brackets in order to light up the decor. In the event hall, where cabled solutions were not permitted, Mattias used the battery-powered fixtures to allow for the decor to be moved around, all while still using LumenRadio transmitters to control the fixtures.

“At high-profile events such as this, where the demands for reliability and flexibility are extremely high, there’s no better option than LumenRadio” says Robert Larsson, International Sales Manager at LumenRadio. He continues: “I think that Mattias trusting LumenRadio to do the job at an event like this is a testament to the value we offer our customers. With the flexibility wireless connectivity offers, all while still being extremely reliable, I believe lighting designers should start to think about wireless connectivity not only as an option, but rather as a standard in their future work.”