Jun 03, 2024 IN Case Study / Indoor Lighting

From oversight to innovation: LumenRadio and Granitor Electro at World of Volvo

Every mistake is an opportunity in disguise. This was clearly shown at the World of Volvo in Gothenburg. An overlooked construction error became a gateway to a newly released product innovation from LumenRadio. Specializing in wireless technology solutions that eliminate the need for data cables in commercial buildings, LumenRadio played a pivotal role with Granitor Electro. What could have been a costly mistake turned into a seamless installation experience for wireless control of DALI lighting.

The design plans for one of World of Volvo‘s lounge areas, which features five table islands with inbuilt lights, did not include the DALI cables necessary for lighting control. This oversight meant the lights could not be activated to achieve the intended lighting experience.

“We discovered the data cables were missing only after the construction was nearly complete,” explained Tobias Almqvist from Granitor Electro, one of Sweden’s leading electrical engineering companies. “It was under these circumstances that LumenRadio’s technology came into play. Their plug-and-play solution addressed the issue within hours, thus avoiding potential disruptions and additional costs.”

“This demonstrates the vast potential of wireless technology in both retrofit and modern construction projects.”

Niclas Norlén, Product Development Director, LumenRadio

With Granitor Electro’s decision to implement LumenRadio’s W-DALI wireless technology, the architectural integrity of the newly built lounge area was preserved. This approach avoided costly and disruptive reconstruction work, thereby saving both time and money.

“Our wireless solutions are designed for quick and effortless installations, keeping the aesthetics and structural integrity intact,” said Niclas Norlén, Product Development Director at LumenRadio. “This successful application at World of Volvo not only demonstrates the vast potential of wireless technology in both retrofit and modern construction projects but also proves essential for property owners looking to effortlessly achieve environmental targets. By eliminating the need for rewiring, our technology opens up numerous possibilities for enhancing building efficiency and functionality.”

LumenRadio collaborates across the property estate value chain, demonstrating that our solutions are a viable alternative to traditional cabling. In this project, we partnered with Styrgrossisten and Granitor Electro.


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