CRMX Nova TX USB - DMX Transmitter

Martin Professional and ChamSys add support for the CRMX Nova USB dongle

LumenRadio, leading manufacturer of reliable wireless technologies for the entertainment industries, is pleased to announce that Martin Professional and ChamSys Ltd. have chosen to add support in their respective control software for the CRMX Nova USB TX dongle to give their users easy access to reliable wireless DMX control directly from the console.

“We have added support in M-PC for the USB dongle transmitter from LumenRadio. We think it is a great way for our users to get access to reliable wireless technology without the need for using cables to connect a transmitter to the controller. M-PC will offer one full universe of DMX for free using the LumenRadio transmitter.” says Matthias Hinrichs, Product Manager at Martin Professional. Hinrichs continues; “We are also planning to add support for the Nova USB TX driver to our range of M-Series consoles in the near future.”

British console manufacturer ChamSys also decided to add support for the CRMX Nova USB TX dongle throughout their complete MagicQ product line. Chris Kennedy, Software Director at ChamSys Ltd. explains: “We got requests from our customers to add support for the LumenRadio dongle, so we now offer plug and play support in both our MagicQ PC software and in our MagicQ consoles. With our MagicQ software, for PC and Mac, the users can output a full universe wirelessly for free.”

With the launch of the CRMX Nova TX USB, LumenRadio has made it easier than ever for controller manufacturers to be part of the ongoing wireless revolution in the entertainment industry. Almost all consoles today come with a USB port, meaning no expensive hardware changes are necessary to leverage the thousands of products with built-in LumenRadio receivers already available on the market. Michael Karlsson, R&D Manager at LumenRadio, explains: “We have always wanted to make our technology available to everyone. By using a standard USB connector and open protocols, wireless DMX directly in your PC or console is just a software update away”.

“We are very happy that Martin Professional and ChamSys are the first to officially support for our USB TX in their consoles and PC software. Being able to plug your transmitter directly into your computer opens up a whole new set of applications.” says Marcus Bengtsson, International Sales Manager at LumenRadio.

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Cineo Lighting HS2

Cineo Lighting and LumenRadio announce wireless partnership

LumenRadio, world leader in wireless technologies for the entertainment industries, are proud to announce an OEM partnership with California based Cineo Lighting, a leader in the production of lighting systems available for the motion picture, television and photography industries.

Cineo Lighting has been pushing the boundaries of illumination technology since the company started in 2012. The revolutionary HS product line with TruColor® Remote Phosphor Technology has made gaffers, cinematographers and lighting designers used to unrivaled brightness, extremely accurate color quality, power efficiency and flexibility. With the addition of integrated LumenRadio CRMX OEM RDM modules to the HSX and HS2 Wave products, these users are now able to control and configure their fixtures wirelessly.

The HS product line is highly configurable over RDM, and LumenRadio’s trustworthy RDM implementation means the Cineo Lighting fixtures can now be patched, monitored and configured from a distance. On a film set where every minute is crucial, saving time during setup can be a huge cost saver.

“The choice of wireless provider was obvious to us. Our two companies have a common philosophy in always being innovative and on the forefront of what is possible. We are very proud over this partnership and extremely excited of what it will bring to our users,” says Rich Pierceall, CEO of Cineo Lighting.

The HS2 Wave and HSX are the first Cineo Lighting products to utilize LumenRadio’s award winning technology, but not the last. Chuck Edwards, CTO of Cineo Lighting continues: “We’re very excited about bringing LumenRadio technology into both new and existing products in the near future”.

“Cineo Lighting is a great company to be working with and we are very happy to have them onboard as a partner. They are much like ourselves – innovative to the core and always looking to provide the user with a better product and service. We are very excited about this partnership and what it will bring for the future,” says Marcus Bengtsson, International Sales Manager at LumenRadio.

Cineo Lighting will be showing their whole product line at IBC 2016 (Stand 12.D39).


Wireless reliability in Hollywood

LumenRadio’s technology offers wireless reliability in the Film industry. Hollywood based Innovative Dimmers provides equipment which is expertly tailored for the unique requirements of entertainment lighting professionals. Their partnership with LumenRadio makes Innovative Dimmers products more versatile than ever and their wireless options gives gaffers and lighting artists rigging solutions they have never even dreamed of.

All products in the Innovative Dimmers product line are available with wireless DMX control using LumenRadio’s industry leading CRMX technology. Innovative Dimmers have been leading the wireless revolution in Hollywood with their wireless RatPac dimmers. The most recent addition to the Innovative product line is the compact and easy to use Cintenna receivers which plugs directly into a lighting fixture without extra hardware, zip ties or cables. The Cintennas have shown themselves to be extremely versatile and have rapidly become the go-to tool for Hollywood professionals.

”We used LumenRadio products extensively on “Gone Girl” and “Fantastic Four” as part of our DMX distribution system. They were indispensable. Since the introduction of the Innovative Cintenna we have used them exclusively in conjunction with the Arri Skypanel and L-series units. They have changed the way we work for the better. Such a great product.”

Erik Messerschmidt – Chief Lighting Technician

“I have been using RatPac products made by Innovative Dimmers for several years now and the LumenRadio technology has proven to be very beneficial for my work and our production world. We have been using their RatPacs, Wireless stand alone dimmers and the Cintenna’s with great success. The ease of offering a wireless, dimmer controlled set within minutes is a huge asset to me and our production team. I continue to expand our wireless product inventory because of the ease, reliability and functionality. The RatPac products have been a valuable resource on our previous shows, Pitch Perfect 2, Trumbo, Free State of Jones, the Roots mini-series and Bad Moms that I can’t imagine doing a show without them in the future.”

Bob Bates – Cinesouth Lighting

“We are really excited about our partnership with Innovative Dimmers. With their revolutionary products and a keen ear for what the users wants, they have surely helped us become the leading wireless DMX provider in film and TV. We are very proud to have them onboard as a partner and are looking forward to more great products bearing the Innovative Dimmers brand – powered by LumenRadio”, says Marcus Bengtsson, International Sales Manager, LumenRadio

Gone Girl

Fantastic Four

Pitch Perfect


Free state of Jones 


Bad Moms 

Ayrton's light show

Ayrton goes full steam ahead with LumenRadio’s TiMo platform

Paris based lighting manufacturer Ayrton recently announced the MagicBurst™ – the industry’s first high-power graphic LED strobe to offer continuous, unlimited rotation on its pan and tilt axes. Ayrton continues its mission to present new technology, original ideas, and inspiration for lighting designers and MagicBurst proves a landmark as the company’s first strobe unit and the world’s only motorized strobe. The MagicBurst offers wireless DMX through LumenRadio’s industry leading TiMo platform.

At this year’s Prolight + Sound show in Frankfurt, Ayrton gained massive attention with their now famous light show, displaying a whopping nine brand new products –  eight of which has a built-in CRMX TiMo module as standard.

Marcus Bengtsson, International Sales Manager at LumenRadio says, “We are extremely proud of our partnership with Ayrton. Their innovative products and originality goes well in hand with our own philosophy. Together we are really pushing the envelope.”

The TiMo platform which was launched in 2014 and builds on the CRMXchip technology is the first fully integrated DMX/RDM module designed for for high volume SMT manufacturing – a huge leap forward compared to the classic plug-in type modules that require manual mounting.

“The CRMXchip and TiMo platforms have enabled manufacturers to really streamline their manufacturing process while at the same time delivering unrivalled reliability and performance. Almost two years since launch, we have shipped well over 50000 units and demand is steadily growing”, says Niclas Norlén, CTO at LumenRadio.

“We at Ayrton are very happy with our partnership with LumenRadio. Both companies are looking in the same direction and always striving for the highest levels of innovation and quality”, says Valère Huart-Gyors, Export Manager at Ayrton.

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