Mar 13, 2019 IN Insights

Concurrent Bluetooth as cool as “Beam me up, Scotty”

Bluetooth is today the number one technology to connect your peripherals. It can be found in any smart device out there, but when it comes to smart buildings…the Bluetooth point-to-point technology is not suitable for creating a reliable building-wide network. But what if you could use Bluetooth together with your reliable building automation technology? Wouldn’t that be as cool as “Beam me up, Scotty”?

The classic scene from Star Trek was breathtaking for kids in the seventies. The coolest technology you could ever imagine. Maybe we are not there yet, but technology is developing at a rapid pace and cool things are happening everywhere – and definitively at LumenRadio!

Bluetooth is a well-recognized standard and has been around for years, allowing you to connect your smartphone to everything from your car entertainment system to your headset. It is the number one technology to get a point-to-point connection but has its shortcomings. To have a reliable meshing network in a building with thousands and thousands of nodes, you need a more reliable, energy-efficient meshing technology.

At LumenRadio we offer ultra-reliable wireless connectivity, verified and proven by some of the most well-known companies within HVAC, Smart Lighting, Physical Security & Access Control and Industrial Sensor Networks. Our MiraMesh communication stack together with MiraOS is the most energy-efficient and reliable connectivity technology available according to our customers. But, our technology has not yet found its way into the smartphones we all carry in our pockets.

A smartphone is the perfect device for commissioning, maintenance and user interaction for your wirelessly connected products. Imagine always having your control device in your pocket, no need for extra equipment in the form of a dongle, a custom tablet, etc. Imagine combining the world of an ultra-reliable, low energy and building-wide wireless mesh technology with the simplicity and flexibility of a smartphone app. Easy some say: “Just add two radio chips!”, but that is hardly a cost-efficient, viable solution. Imagine combining the technologies on the same chip – can the best of both worlds be combined for parallel operation?

Would concurrent Bluetooth and MiraMesh operation be possible? Well as we say at LumenRadio, challenge accepted!