RC4 Wireless LumenDim2 Micro to make world debut at LDI 2014

In a combination of technology from two PLASA London 2014 Award for Innovation winners, RC4 Wireless will show the all-new LumenDimM2 Micro at LDI 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada, next week.

One of the first implementations of the LumenRadio CRMX TiMo module, the RC4 Wireless LumenDimM2 Micro combines the superb wireless functionality of LumenRadio CRMX with the tiny form-factor and power of award-winning RC4 dimmers. The LumenDimM2 Micro features two high-resolution PWM dimmers with an extensive and upgradeable peripheral feature set.

Niclas Norlen, CTO at LumenRadio states, “We are extremely proud of TiMo and also to announce that we are the first wireless DMX supplier that is fully compliant with the ETSI EN 300 328 (v1.8.1) ‘2015’ revision. TiMo is fully FCC part 15 certified with a modular approval to 300mW – the highest allowed output power of any manufacturer within the Entertainment industry.”

The powerful and tiny TiMo is at the core of the RC4 LumenDimM2, which measures only 74mm x 18.8mm x 11mm and fits inside a 19mm (0.75″) inside-diameter tube. “This little device can drive two MR16 lamps, lots and lots of LEDs, even small motors. It can control hobby servo motors for animatronics and puppetry, and much more. It is truly full-featured,” explains James David Smith, president and chief product designer at RC4 Wireless.

“The moment LumenRadio brought their TiMo to my attention, I was excited,” says Smith. “Designers, propsmasters and show electricians seek small easy-to-use wireless problem solvers with excellent range and reliability. TiMo at the core of our LumenDimM2 provides full-featured wireless RDM support, in full view with award-winning LumenRadio SuperNova software. This is the best wireless RDM experience, bar none.”

The LumenDimM2 Micro provides the same award-winning features found in the flagship RC4Magic DMX4dim dimmer, including a wired DMX data port. In most cases, this port is used to deliver DMX data to nearby fixtures including fog machines, moving lights, and projector dousers. The DMX port can also be configured as a DMX input, allowing the LumenDimM2 Micro to be used as a wired dimmer. A comprehensive RDM implementation, both wireless and wired, includes E1.37 dimmer configuration parameters and voltage monitoring.

Any number of RC4 LumenDim devices can be used in a LumenRadio CRMX wireless DMX system. The RC4 LumenDimM2 Micro provides most RC4 Series 3 Harmonized Design features, including:

– RC4 OneTouchTM DMX channel and curve assignment
– Wired and Wireless RDM Implementation
– 16-bit dimming with multiple PWM frequencies
– RC4 Digital PersistenceTM
– HSL Color Controller (2-channels on Micro devices)
– RC4 ColorMatchTM
– RC4 Flkr Effects EngineTM
– DMX data in and out
– RC4 HotPatchTM
– RC4 CodeLoaderTM for easily loading new features and updates
– High efficiency 6V- 35VDC voltage input range

Since 1991, RC4 Wireless has offered the most versatile wireless dimming systems on earth. The innovation continues with RC4 Series 3 Harmonised Design and the growing line of RC4 LumenDim devices.