Download SuperNova 4.0

There is a new version of SuperNova available for download.

What’s new?

  • New flat UI design
  • Added possibility to switch between dark and light UI themes
  • Unlimited support for Art-Net devices
  • Support for over-the-air firmware updates of TiMo receivers
  • Renamed Show to Project
  • Groups will now be saved in the project file
  • Added error detection during discovery phase
  • Added possibility to cancel an ongoing discovery
  • Sensor monitoring saved in project file instead of local database
  • Added visualisation to show that multiple devices are overlapping in DMX map
  • Sub-devices are now saved in project files
  • Added support for dimmer specific configuration
  • Addressing several stability issues and performance issues
  • Fixed problems wih downloading new firmwares
  • Fixed bug that caused UI to not be updated when running discovery from DMX map or Device list
  • Fixed bug that caused window to move to primary screen when maximized/minimized
  • Fixed bug where SuperNova did not detect that a receiver had moved to another transmitter port
  • Fixed bug that closed the application if update is available
  • Misc. additional bugfixes and improvemets

OK, I got it… But not now!

OK, so you want to keep using SuperNova 3 for now and download SuperNova 4.0 later. To do that, you need to disable the automatic check for updates in SuperNova 3 or be disconnected from the Internet.

Follow these simple instructions to disable the atuomatic check for updates:

  1. Disconnect from Internet
  2. Launch SuperNova 3
  3. Click “Settings”.
  4. Uncheck the box “Check for updates at startup”
  5. Done