Outdoor Lighting control

CRMX Slim™ is our most compact and cost efficient wireless unit rated for permanent indoor and outdoor installations. CRMX Slim products can easily be mounted inside lighting poles or anywhere else where space is limited. The integrated DMX to DALI converter makes it a perfect solution where DMX and DALI fixtures are mixed in the same installation. All CRMX Slim products are IP65 rated and have a discreet and secure housing which ensures reliable long-term operation in outdoor or other humid environments. The Slim units measure no more than 17.3 cm (6.8″) tall and weighs only 0.25 kg (0.55lb) which makes it the perfect product to use when size is critical.
CRMX Outdoor™ is an adaptation of the CRMX Nova product line for outdoor use with the same advanced CRMX technology and features for wireless DMX and RDM distribution. With its discreet and secure metal housing and integrated shock absorption, CRMX Outdoor is built to withstand any outdoor environment for many years. Since all CRMX Outdoor products are IP67 rated, they are not only safe to install in humid environments, its even possible to submerge the units down to 1 meter in water.