LumenRadio’s SuperNova 3 is now shipping

LumenRadio are extremely pleased to announce that SuperNova 3 is now available for download on their website. The release is the culmination of almost a years worth of development work, field and beta trials.

The release of SuperNova 3 unlocks some key new functionality in the SuperNova product, including:
Art-Net RDM control – control any RDM device connected to a compatible Art-Net node – this means that SuperNova is no longer confined to just running wireless nodes – it becomes an all powerful RDM controller for your whole network!
Graphing of sensors – in combination with the existing monitoring and push notification tools, this provides the number one RDM monitoring solution in the industry!
Grouping of devices – as the popularity of SuperNova grows, so do the sizes of the systems being used. By allowing you to group devices into separate tabs, it becomes easy to manage even hundreds of devices from the software.
Firmware Updates – it’s now possible to update the firmware on Ethernet enabled CRMX units from within SuperNova. And best of all, this is automatically updated via our web server as soon as any new firmware is released!

SuperNova 3 was awarded the PLASA Award for Innovation during the PLASA Show in London in October – the third Innovation Award given to LumenRadio since 2009.

To celebrate all these new functions, and to get the software into the hands of as many customers as possible, LumenRadio are pleased to announce that they will be unlocking 2 ports of Art-Net RDM functionality for free.

Click here to visit the SuperNova 3 page and find out more about the software.

LumenRadio have also created a video to demonstrate the new functions – this can be found below.