LumenRadio’s CRMX wins again at Marina Bay Sands

LumenRadio’s award winning CRMX technology has been chosen as the preferred brand for wireless lighting controls at the Marina Sands Bay resort in Singapore. The project was developed by the Las Vegas Sands Corp. and has been billed as the world’s largest and most expensive gaming property at a staggering cost of S$8 billion.

The resort features 2,561 hotel rooms, a 120,000 m2 convention center, a luxury shopping mall, seven “celebrity chef” gourmet restaurants, two Broadway style theaters, two floating pavilions, an art & science museum, an indoor ice skating rink and a casino with 500 tables and 1,600 slot machines. This is crowned by 2.5 acres of SkyPark complete with gardens and a gargantuan swimming pool stretching across the top of the three 55 story hotel towers.

LumenRadio and Total Solution, exclusive distributor for Singapore, have received significant repeat orders for CRMX wireless lighting controls from Marina Bay Sands. The wireless lighting network is continuously expanded to accommodate the rapidly growing entertainment and hospitality operations as the various parts of the complex are finished and opened to the public.

“Marina Bay Sands has certainly spared no expense or effort to find the best technologies and equipment available. We are therefore particularly proud that CRMX was selected after extensive considerations and testing by the resort’s very savvy and technologically informed operational staff”, explains Glenn Wong, Managing Director at Total Solution, “Their decision was based on the outstanding reliability, the extensive features not matched by any other brand, and the comprehensive range of CRMX products available from LumenRadio that can meet the wide variety of requirements found at a project of this magnitude”.

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