LumenRadio’s CRMX makes a splash

LumenRadio’s CRMX technology did not make water into wine (still working on that), but it did recently help light the opening festivities for Germany’s largest drinking water plant. The facility is located in Arnsberg-Neheim, part of the densely populated Ruhr valley, and produces over 600 cubic-meters of potable water every hour; enough daily water for more than 10 million people.

Lighting Designer Frederik Decker, principal of City Light & Sound, choose to focus on the impressive technology involved in the tightly controlled purification process and naturally stayed with a blue color scheme to match the water theme. Decker, together with local firm Topas Technology, provided a lighting rig of powerful, yet inconspicuous, LITECRAFT LED fixtures from LMP to provide saturated color washes and powerful highlights of key technical apparatus without adding much visible equipment.

It was important for the overall design of the grand opening event to maintain an orderly and uncluttered look and this immediately put a wireless DMX distribution system on the “must have” list. The production team was initially concerned about a wireless system’s ability to cope with the massive steel structures and a myriad of metal pipes, as well as the thick steel reinforced concrete walls, in the facility. The CRMX Nova products were suggested as the ideal solution to this problem as LumenRadio’s industry leading radio technology provides robust and reliable DMX distribution in the most difficult environments.

An extensive CRMX Nova system was after thorough consideration put in place for this event to provide DMX distribution throughout the facility without the use cabling. The system proved it’s abilities beyond doubt, to the production team and everybody else involved, when the extensive opening ceremony finished without a single problem and with flawless execution in front a discriminating crowd of local and visiting dignitaries.

LMP Lichttechnik, LumenRadio’s exclusive distributor in Germany, provided technical and logistical support for the CRMX and LITECRAFT products. LITECRAFT is LMP’s in-house brand and select fixture models are available with CRMX wireless DMX/RDM as a standard or optional feature.