LumenRadio’s CRMX lights Sticks of Rock

As part of a scheme to improve the lighting along the seafront of coastal town, Hastings, the local council called on Architainment Lighting to supply and commission the lighting and controls for a two mile stretch of lighting columns lining the beachfront.

Fondly referred to by locals as ‘Sticks of Rock’, Hastings Borough Council was looking to replace the existing lighting with higher quality, and more sustainable, RGB LED fixtures. Working alongside Colas and LumenRadio, Architainment supplied Philips Color Kinetics ColorBurst Compact Architectural fixtures, fitting two to each of the 33 lighting columns, washing consistently rich colour down each post. The ColorBurst Compact’s high output, flexible mounting options and ability to withstand the effects of the coastal environment is what made it ideal to rejuvenate Sticks of Rock. The lighting will also help reduce electricity costs.

Controls were integral to achieving the desired user flexibility and display effects, and so Architainment Lighting’s technical team installed a Pharos LPC1 controller at the council head offices and an interactive web page was set up so staff could control the lighting from any computer or handheld at any time. Due to the expense of ground works, the entire project is run wirelessly. A CRMX wireless transmitter from LumenRadio was fitted on the roof of the council offices, the same location from which LumenRadio is transmitted.

The first column in the sequence was fitted with a LumenRadio CRMX Outdoor Flex “in Repeater mode” which received orders from the CRMX transmitter fitted at the council offices. This lighting column then sent on the signal to the CRMX Outdoor Slim receivers fitted on the remaining 111 columns. As drilling into the posts directly was not permitted, design and construction support company, Colas, created custom brackets to make sure receivers were supported securely but also aesthetically pleasing. Each post, and even each ColorBurst fixture, can be controlled individually, but the most creative effects are those in which the columns work in harmony together, with rich, dynamic lighting running across each post lining the seafront.

This project was a collaborative effort with involvement from Colas and LumenRadio – all coming together to work on this retrofit installation. The end result achieved just what Hastings Borough Council wanted – beautiful, sustainable lighting that makes the seafront running from Hastings to St Leonards really stand out.

Text and pictures courtesy Architainment Lighting. For more information about Architainment Lighting visit