LumenRadio releases award winning CRMX Nova Flex and SuperNova 1.2.0

LumenRadio, wireless lighting controls technology leader, announced today that it will commence regular shipments of the award winning CRMX Nova Flex products. A new version of the control software, SuperNova 1.2.0, was released at the same time to enable all the features of the Flex product line.
CRMX Nova Flex won the PLASA Award for Innovation 2010 with a revolutionary new approach combining protocol conversion and wireless signal distribution allowing easy cross-use of equipment from multiple manufacturers. The jury gave the award with the following motivation:
“CRMX Nova Flex impressed the judges for its ability to act as a complete cross-protocol wireless lighting control system. It was also noted for its recent use of RDM in an architectural application, giving feedback from external sensors – thereby providing an energy efficient outdoor lighting solution.”
“The interest in and demand for CRMX Nova Flex after winning the PLASA Award for Innovation has been huge; far exceeding our expectations. By the time we wrapped up beta testing, every beta tester wanted to keep their systems and we also had a very long list of orders from excited distributors and dealers. We are rapidly ramping production to meet demand, which is always a pleasure”, explains Anders Ardstål, VPO at LumenRadio.
The new 1.2.0 version of SuperNova includes full support for the CRMX Nova Flex products as well as enhanced Ethernet functionality, improved handling of multiple universes, enhanced RDM device windows, sensor monitoring over RDM, and many other new features and improvements.
Customers can download SuperNova 1.2.0 from