LumenRadio pull the wires from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Wireless DMX experts LumenRadio visited the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year to provide wireless assistance to a number of venues as part of the historic month-long festival. This year’s fringe includes 2,871 different shows performed by 24,107 performers in 273 venues across the city – a record breaking year once again and LumenRadio played a pivotal role in a number of those venues.

At the Pleasance courtyard, Head of Lighting Dom Knight selected LumenRadio’s CRMX technology for the largest space on-site – the 750 seat Pleasance Grand. Hosting some of the most popular acts on the fringe, the Grand is converted from a sports hall into a full scale performance space, with the help of technical suppliers Black Light, Orbital Sound, XL Video and Arena Seating to name just a few.

This year’s rig, supplied by Black Light, was completed with a large Robe Lighting rig, including Robin DLS fixtures front of house and Robin MMX Spot fixtures over the stage. For special events, a further 12 Robin LEDBeam 100 fixtures were added as company specials. The entire rig was connected to the ETC Gio console via a LumenRadio system, comprising 3 universes of transmitters and 12 receivers. Dom Knight explains this choice, “Flexibility is key at the fringe! There’s always something that needs to change – company specials get added, kit gets moved and our technicians have to adapt to this. Being able to obtain a DMX feed wherever we need it by simply adding a wireless receiver was a huge benefit, particularly to the one-off gigs that this venue hosts throughout the fringe”.

An added benefit of going with the LumenRadio technology in the Grand was the ability to use LumenRadio’s SuperNova RDM controller. As fixtures are added, the venue patch alters on an almost daily basis – venue technicians being able to update the patch remotely saved time during the busy turn around periods.

Elsewhere on the fringe, C venues selected CRMX products to provide wireless control of 4 Robe ColorSpot 1200s, supplied by HSL, rigged on the roof of the adjacent Hotel Missoni. These provided texture and a unique look to the C nova venue, which is visible from the famous Royal Mile. The CRMX system allowed simple ‘fit and forget’ wireless control in what would have been an otherwise extremely challenging DMX link to install.

Head of Technical for C venues, Beatrice Banionyte, commented: “We needed a solution that would be solid and reliable. Access to the roof was extremely limited and it was important for us to have a solution that we could set up and rely on throughout the fringe. The CRMX products helped us to achieve our unique look and keep it running throughout the festival, even in an area of high traffic – both wireless and human!”

Photo Credit: Jassy Earl