LumenRadio & Philips illuminates Coventry city centre

Swedish-based LumenRadio and their long time OEM partner LITE worked together with Philips Lighting and Balfour Beatty Living Places to create a beautiful new lighting as a part of the redevelopment project for Coventry called “Broadgate Redevelopment Coventry”.

Philips Lighting along with their value added partner LITE, specified a large system of Philips iColorGraze, Philips iColorBurst and Philips iColorBlast luminaries to wash the full expanse of the buildings and surrounded environment with intense, bright blasts of color. LITE also chose to specify a system of LumenRadio CRMX Nova transmitter and receivers to reliable control the lighting on the buildings facade, balcony railways and the Godiva Statue. Using the CRMX technology in this installation provided a large number of advantages to both the installer and the buildings/statue themselves; notably ease of installation which saved a lot of working hours, minimal impact of the buildings, energy efficiency along with the fact that the system will be for the most part invisible to the public.

“We positioned the iColorGraze around the balcony railings, to achieve an eye-catching illumination for the visitors that pass by,” explains Tim Pink, Architectural Lighting Manager at LITE. “We wanted to create something breathtaking to reflect the fantastic surroundings of the city. But, the timescale for putting the installation together was tight, so a wish list of equipment came thereafter. We chose to go with LumenRadio’s CRMX technology, due to the fantastic reliability and the fact that the technology is very fast and easy to use – the installation was finished with the speed of light”.

Philips iColorBurst was mounted on the buildings support columns (3 pcs per column) and the Philips iColorBlast Powercore was used to illuminate the stunning Godiva Statue. The result came out beautifully and the new illumination of the buildings and the surrounding area has created an inviting, artistic atmosphere for the people visiting the Coventry city centre.

“Once you find a wireless technology you can really trust, you stick with it, knowing you deliver the best technology on the market to your customers,” says Pink.