LumenRadio performs at the Avignon Festival

Founded in 1947, the Avignon Festival is today a world-class event for contemporary performing arts and for a whole month every year the entire city of Avignon becomes a beehive of theatrical activities. It transforms its architectural heritage into exciting performance venues and welcomes over 130,000 theatre enthusiasts of all ages.

The festival also functions as the French technical theatre community’s showcase and proving ground for new products and technical innovations. The hectic schedule and the improvised venues in historic buildings often present interesting problems that require unique solutions.

The legendary “Cour d’honneur”, the main courtyard at the Popes’ Palace, is the center of the outdoor performances and can accommodate nearly 2.000 spectators. However; to get a DMX distribution system to traverse the almost 2 meter thick walls of the structure is a major challenge.

Avignon veteran Christophe Mallein, in collaboration with LumenRadio’s French distributor AVAB Transtechnik, found the solution in a wireless CRMX Slim IP65 rated system strategically placed throughout and around the courtyard.

“We do not leave anything to chance at the Avignon Festival, especially not in this flagship venue”, states Mallein, “Despite the fact that we faced extremely thick stone walls, long distances, horrible weather conditions in a demanding and critical location, the CRMX Slim system performed flawlessly. I am very pleased to report that the LumenRadio system fulfilled all promises and delivered ease of use, performance, and reliability beyond what we ever before have experienced”.