LumenRadio launches Mira – a platform for the next generation Internet of Things solutions

Global leader in wireless lighting controls, LumenRadio AB, launches Mira – the solution to deploying large scale Internet of Things (IoT) installations in machine to machine (M2M) and building communications applications. Built on years of experience in creating highly reliable wireless lighting controls, the LumenRadio Mira platform offers best in class radio performance, unmatched reliability and most importantly – is easy to integrate, shortening your time to market. Mira can be used to link practically any device – light, energy, environment, security, transport, weather, presence and just about anything else you can think of!

LumenRadio have been developing wireless lighting controls for more than 6 years, and their products have been used around the globe on high profile events including the Coachella music festival, London Eye New Years celebrations and the world tour of Wicked the musical. These demanding environments have given LumenRadio a unique knowledge of how to design highly reliable wireless systems which simply must work – after all, the show must go on!

Mira is a radio module for a meshed radio network with more than 500 devices, operating within the 2.4GHz frequency range. The network is self-healing, easy to configure and can be deployed in buildings even in heavily congested wireless environments. Thanks to LumenRadios patented coexistence technologies, the mesh automatically selects the most appropriate frequencies based on other radio activity in the area, allowing the Mira system to operate alongside other wireless technologies seamlessly rather than constantly fighting for the limited available bandwidth. Mira provides a scalable infrastructure for networking sensors and actuators, via easy to implement interfaces.

Since Mira is a meshed network, the signal range scales as the number of nodes in the mesh grows – in tests in congested urban environments a single hop in the Mira Mesh has been measured at 200 meters (600′), scaling up to over 1 kilometer (3000′) in open air tests. Ideal applications for Mira include whole-building networks, connecting devices placed throughout a building to monitor sensors, act on inputs and control a whole building holistically without the need to run expensive control cabling.

At the heart of a Mira system is the Mira Module – a 18.5 x 33.5mm module designed for surface mount application which features an integral power amplifier, chip antenna and a complete, preconfigured software stack. Mira includes full commissioning capabilities built into the stack and operates an IPv6 based network enabling developers to access cloud services via simple APIs. As well as hosting the radio network, there is application space on Mira where developers can load their own application natively, meaning many host devices don’t need to add an additional processor. Mira can optionally be operated in a battery friendly mode which offers up to 10 years of battery life. It could be said that Mira is small on form factor, small on cost, small on power consumption yet huge on features.

Niclas Norlen, CTO of LumenRadio, comments “It has always been my vision that the coexistence technology we developed for lighting controls could have a much wider reach. With the launch of Mira, we can now offer coexistence to the much larger Internet of Things community. We have built a platform here which is expandable and upgradeable to future standards, yet also gives us the advantages of the LumenRadio patent portfolio. I’m extremely excited to be part of this technology evolution which we really believe will change the world!”

LumenRadios CEO, Alexander Hellstrom, adds “Every business can benefit from understanding the Internet of Things. Our technology is designed to be accessible and easy to implement, giving wireless access to sensors and actions across a scalable, future proof platform. The Internet of Things has already begun to change the world into a globally connected, automated, cognitive planet and Mira will definitely play a huge part of this as we roll it out with our partners. I can’t wait to get it into more hands!”

LumenRadio are already working with a number of key partners who are implementing Mira into their product portfolios already, and are seeking volume partners to further expand the rollout.

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