LumenRadio kicks the -30C cold in Finland

The city of Kangasala in southern Finland with its natural beauty and mineral water springs has been a popular travel destination for centuries. When it was time to refurbish the street and public area lighting it was also an opportunity to put an inviting face on the entrances to the city. The task was given to renowned lighting design firm VALOA. Their team has an extensive portfolio of innovative projects all over Finland, as well as abroad, and their work has received wide recognition with countless awards, prizes, and honors from all over the world.

The freezing Finnish winters presented designer Arto Heiskanen with many practical challenges, but also with a white canvass of snow that he painted with color using custom designed RGB LED fixtures to augment the monochrome utility lights. These fixtures, together with LumenRadio’s CRMX units, were integrated into a large number of lighting poles and bollards spread along the streets and intersections located on the perimeter of the city to give visitors a warm welcome and a pleasant good-bye to remember.

“Inspirational and dynamic lighting is especially important during the dark winter months when very few other visual stimuli are present in the local outdoor environment. It has been proven that such stimuli have a huge positive impact on people’s mood, health, and activity level. My goal was to create a dynamic, but not overwhelming, design that would also accommodate the changing seasons”, says Heiskanen and continues “LumenRadio’s sturdy Outdoor products provided a cost effective and reliable solution for this very harsh environment where temperatures often drop to below minus 30 degrees Celsius. Finding equipment that can function reliably in these extreme winters is often a difficult or impossible task, but we are very happy to report that LumenRadio’s CRMX Outdoor units have proven to be able to kick the Finnish -30C cold!”