LumenRadio excels at Aviva Stadium in Dublin

Technology leader LumenRadio’s award winning CRMX RDM wireless system was recently used to provide some extra excitement at a sold-out rugby game in the international Magners League at the spectacular state-of-the-art Aviva Stadium in Dublin. The newly rebuilt stadium is home of the Ireland Rugby Union team and the Republic of Ireland national football team and the only facility in the country classified as a UEFA Elite Stadium. It also known as the Dublin Arena: it seats more than 50,000 and was refitted with the latest wireless broadcast and security technology before reopening the doors in May 2010.

Radio spectrum issues and interference have been hot topics on the British Isles for some time and the Aviva Stadium management was therefore understandably nervous when it was suggested to add yet another wireless system to the mix during a high profile event. LumenRadio’s CRMX with its Automated Cognitive Coexistence was identified as the only wireless system that could provide the level of performance and reliability required and at the same time co-exist with all the other wireless systems present in the facility.

“The entire event went off without a hitch and proved beyond any doubt that LumenRadio’s CRMX technology excels in such demanding and crowded radio environments. A CRMX wireless RDM system was employed to distribute DMX to Syncrolite 7K Xenon fixtures that were used extensively during the show. The RDM functionality provided real time monitoring of the system and contributed greatly to everybody’s confidence in the setup. All the equipment was provided and supported by EQ Lighting in Dublin”, explains Rob Jones at Gorilla Design who managed the show at Aviva Stadium.