LumenRadio appoints LMP as exclusive distributor of CRMX in Germany

LumenRadio, technology leader in wireless lighting controls, today announces LMP as exclusive distributor of CRMX products in Germany. LMP is one of the largest distributors in Europe with a thirty year track record of distributing top brands to customers all over Germany.

“LMP was our first choice for distribution in Germany and we’re very happy to launch this partnership which will bring our CRMX products to customers all over Germany. LMP has impressed us with their professionalism and drive in establishing CRMX as the natural choice for wireless lighting controls in Germany. Working with LMP has so far been a pure pleasure”, explains Anders Ardst?l Vice President of LumenRadio.

CRMX products are enjoying a surge in popularity throughout Europe in both entertainment and architectural installations. Lighting designers are discovering that going wireless with CRMX means reliability, flexibility and functionality that is superior to cables.

“We are proud to include LumenRadio’s CRMX products in our brand portfolio and are launching a nation-wide road show with demonstrations and reference installations in the near future. LMP strongly believes that the industry is now ready to make the transition to wireless and that CRMX is the natural first choice for customers who want quality”, explains Marc Petzold at LMP.