LumenRadio announces CRMX TiMo FX

LumenRadio are pleased to announce the launch of the CRMX TiMo FX – the latest product launch for the entertainment industry designed to simplify the implementation of wireless DMX & RDM into a multitude of applications. Built upon the TiMo platform which launched late last year, the FX module enables TiMo to act as both an RDM enabled receiver and a DMX transmitter, selectable by the user.

This version of TiMo is expected to be extremely interesting to manufacturers building fixtures with stand-alone modes, such as battery uplighters, where one fixture can be configured as a transmitter and further fixtures down the line can be linked as receivers. By building on the same feature set as the hugely successful TiMo RX RDM, TiMo FX adds the transmitter capabilities required to link series’ of fixtures, whilst retaining popular features such as the DMX Window which made TiMo RX RDM so easy to implement.

A number of manufacturers are already implementing TiMo series products into their fixtures, and it is expected to increase over the coming months as more and more manufacturers see the benefit of TiMos modular approach to wireless integration. LumenRadio’s CTO, Niclas Norlen, explains “Chips are great for implementing as a receiver, but integrating a module inside a fixture has huge benefits to the manufacturer when handling transmitters and transceivers. The radio work required on a PCB which transmits RF is significant, and our FCC modular approval means that a manufacturer does not need to seek their own FCC approval when integrating the part, as they would do with a chip-only solution. TiMo even features an integrated chip antenna to deliver a stand alone wireless product for low cost applications. Overall, at LumenRadio we try to deliver the best solution for each application – whether it’s chips, modules or boxes!”

CRMX TiMo contains a number of patented innovations from LumenRadio, including an comprehensive SPI implementation enabling full control via SPI instead of the traditional UART/RS485 and GPIO requirements – reducing the number of pins required and saving valuable UART IO on the host microprocessor. In both transmitter and receiver mode DMX values can be communicated through SPI as registers, as well as providing fully configurable DMX frame rates when acting as a transmitter. Signal strength and linking functions can also be controlled from the SPI bus, and all of the above functions are also presented as traditional GPIO and UART pins if required.

Alexander Hellstrom, CEO, adds “With the launch of CRMX TiMo FX, we are once again expanding our rapidly growing product portfolio. Earlier this year we launched Mira for the Internet of Things market, and we are expecting even more launches later in the year, so watch this space. LumenRadio is going from strength to strength and I’m proud to be a part of such a dynamic company.”

CRMX TiMo FX is now shipping, along with CRMX TiMo RX RDM – both are available ex-stock in reels for easy surface mounting. For technical information, please contact LumenRadio.