With Industry 4.0 more and more industrial companies are investigating the possibility of monitoring equipment and machinery remotely, in order to be able to predict failures to avoid downtime due to maintenance and servicing, and to optimize the performance of the machinery.

HMS Industrial Networks AB is a company that specializes in M2M communication in industry applications and are working with connecting industrial machines to new IT solutions. They presented a project with the goal to read parameters from the ATV32 driver in order to provide visual representation of the data in a GUI. The GUI is a web based cloud service for IoT, called ThingWorx.

In order to achieve the desired results, wireless communication has to be setup between the drivers and a gateway in order to send the parameters to the Internet without the need for additional cabling.

LumenRadio’s MiraOne module was chosen because of its reliability, its cognitive coexistence technology and the easy commissioning.

Mira is a complete IoT ecosystem that provides a mesh network with unprecedented scalability and reliability to an unlimited number of nodes. The Mira network is self-healing, easy to configure and can be deployed in heavily congested radio environments, which enabled HMS to run this system the harsh environment of a large factory.

The prototype that has been produced, demonstrates how the connectivity can be implemented and the project is to be used as a basis for further development.