LumenRadio appoints Lars Fabian Paape as Senior Research Engineer

LumenRadio is very pleased to welcome Lars Fabian Paape as a part of their R&D team, where he will be working as Senior Research Engineer.

Lars Fabian Paape comments, “I’m delighted to join LumenRadio! They have built such a strong reputation in the industry, not only for their excellent products, but also for their quality, reliability and also being really awesome people”. (more…)


LumenRadio granted US patent for Cognitive Coexistence

Swedish-based LumenRadio, the technology leader company in wireless lighting controls, are pleased to announce that they have been granted the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patent for their Cognitive Coexistence technology (US 8,457,023).

The granted patent covers all of LumenRadio’s CRMX product lines. LumenRadio’s Cognitive Coexistence technology allows the radio to ensure optimum performance even when other wireless systems are operating in the same area.

As the world becomes more and more wireless; systems such as Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, wireless microphones, wireless cameras, smart phones and even microwave ovens all occupy the same wireless frequency range. This frequency range is often congested and this can affect the performance of all these systems, with radio systems transmitting on top of one another or canceling each other out. CRMX enabled products constantly scan the wireless frequencies, detecting activity from other networks and where gaps are available. The radio modules then “hop” into these available frequencies, making best use of the available space whilst reducing the effects on other networks to almost zero.

“Being granted this patent shows that we have a truly innovative and unique technology, which has never been seen before. We now have our technology protected, which gives our customers confidence that they really are buying the most reliable wireless system on the market. I can reveal that we have more patents coming up in the near future”, explains Niclas Norlen, CTO of LumenRadio.


LumenRadio wins 3rd innovation award

The team at LumenRadio is very proud to announce that they have won a third PLASA Award for Innovation, presented at the PLASA Show in London this week.

This year’s award was for the SuperNova 3 software, which enables system-wide control of RDM devices across an Art-Net network. SuperNova 3 offers the perfect tool for production electricians or system technicians to monitor, configure and display their rig status in real-time. Building on the SuperNova platform, this advancement enables users to control their whole rig – even the devices connected by cables!

LumenRadio’s first Award for Innovation was given in 2009 for the CRMX Nova product line and it’s contributions to wireless DMX and RDM data distribution including low latency, error correction, and cognitive coexistence that enable reliable operation in difficult and saturated radio environments. The second award was given to LumenRadio in 2010 for the CRMX Nova Flex product, which added powerful protocol conversion to LumenRadio’s technology platform.

The awards are judged by a panel of independent industry professionals at the PLASA London exhibition and are awarded for products deemed by the judges to demonstrate a new style of thinking and improve technical practice.

Senior R&D Engineer at LumenRadio, Marcus Bengtsson, says “SuperNova has become the platform of choice for our users when it comes to RDM control. The features we have added to version 3 bring a whole new dimension to that control and expands it to an all encompassing solution for wireless as well as wired networks.”

The preview of SuperNova 3 was a resounding success at the show with a constant flow of attendees asking for demonstrations of the award winning system. LumenRadio is currently carrying out field trials at beta-test sites using the system, and full product release is scheduled for later in 2013.