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Telenor Connexion and LumenRadio in partnership

LumenRadio is happy to announce a partnership with Telenor Connexion, a leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, fully owned by Telenor Group, one of the world’s major mobile operators. The goal for Telenor Connexion’s partner program is to find the right solution for their customers and assist them in realizing business value through IoT.

“Together with our partners and our joint efforts we can support our customers’ business growth, help generate new opportunities and increase profitability”, says Jesper Lagerstedt, Partner Manager at Telenor Connexion.

Lagerstedt continues: “LumenRadio has a truly competitive solution for short range meshed networks and together with our cellular technology we can deliver the full solution needed for IoT connectivity. LumenRadio’s patented technology offers unprecedented reliability and opens up to new possibilities for our customers.”

LumenRadio is a global partner in wireless connectivity. They have been leading the wireless transformation within the lighting industry by consistently being the first to introduce new groundbreaking technologies. And today their patented Cognitive Coexistence technologies can be applied across a world of applications from building automation, energy monitoring, sensing, public services and numerous other fields.

The M2M and IoT industry is predicted to have a continued strong growth in the coming years. The international player Telenor Connexion has a leading position in the Nordics and operates and supports their customers on a global scale. Through the partnership with Telenor Connexion, LumenRadio has gained access to this market and together they can expand their business beyond the existing market for the telecommunications industry.

“This partnership is essential for us. With our ultra reliable connectivity for sensors and actuators combined with Telenor Connexion’s extensive cellular network and cloud services we have the technology and knowhow to enable both our existing and new customers future IoT offerings“, says Niclas Norlén, Founder and CTO at LumenRadio.

Norlén continues: “We see that we within a few years will have a strong increase in sales and in 3-4 years, we expect that this partnership will generate business for several tens of million SEK. The partnership with Telenor Connexion is strategically very important for us on our path towards reaching our goals”.

For further information, please contact:

Niclas Norlén, CTO LumenRadio AB, +46 766 278 728,

Jesper Lagerstedt, Partner Manager Telenor Connexion, +46 733 81 073,

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Seminar about Wireless Connectivity and IoT

Welcome to a mini seminar about Wireless connectivity and IoT on June the 8th at our partner i3tex. Niclas Norlén from LumenRadio will during this session guide you through the landscape of IoT discussing real IoT examples and how those has led to new offerings and revenue streams. The very foundation of those examples relies in reliable and scalable wireless connectivity and Niclas will share LumenRadio’s many years of experience within the field.

”We are foreseeing a rapid growth in connected things and by 2020 it’s estimated that up to 100b things will be connected generating massive amounts of data. The vast majority of those things are expected to be connected wirelessly, connecting billions of sensors and actuators to the cloud. This wireless connectivity is the very foundation of IoT. Without wireless connectivity our modern life with mobile phones, TV and radio would simply not be possible. Importantly the opportunities from IoT estimated to be worth $1.7 trillion would not be possible to capture without wireless connectivity.”

The seminar is free of charge and takes place at i3tex office – Klippan 1A on Wednesday June the 8th 16:00 – 17:30. In  addition to LumenRadios talk about IoT and Wireless connectivity you can also listen to a speech about Innovation & Creativity or hear Fingerprint Cards talk about fingerprint sensors in cars.

Interested? Send an e-mail to before Friday the 3rd of June. Seats are limited.


One of the top three startups in Gothenburg!

Breakit – Sweden’s best news site about Tech companies and startups talks about LumenRadio in their latest podcast. Breakit see us as one of Gothenburg’s three hottest and most interesting Startups right now.

Last weekend we were sponsors of the Gothenburg Startup Hack were the podcast was recorded and Michael Karlsson R&D Manager at LumenRadio comments:

”We are really happy to have been part of this amazing event. Great to see all enthusiastic entrepreneurs competing with their startups. We’ve been in that situation ourself and hope that we can bring energy to everyone to see that you can succeed. ”

Read more and listen to Breakout’s podcast here (in Swedish):

And did you know that we are hiring? Come join our team and be apart of changing the world.

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LumenRadio sponsor Gothenburg Startup Hack

Today is the first day of the #gbgtechWeek! A week full of inspiring events in order to spread the knowledge and awareness about the living tech and startup community in Gothenburg. On Saturday the 14th the Gothenburg Startup Hack takes place and we are a proud sponsor to this event where about 100 hackers get together to create fresh ideas and technological innovations. Our products and technology is offered to the teams and we will also present our vision of Connectivity for a Better world during the evening.
During the day you can also visit the Startup Arena and get inspired by talks, demonstrations and interviews. The Arena is open for anyone interested in startups and it is drop-in based and doesn’t require formal pre-registration. Welcome!

Read more here:


Micro Gateways for collecting KPI data from the factory floor

By: Erik Orrskog – LumenRadio & Erik Halvordsson – HMS Labs

The Industrial Internet of Things means that data will need to be transferred from industrial devices to IT systems, often using some kind of edge gateway as a translator. But how do you get the information from the devices to the edge gateway in an easy and cost-efficient way? Micro-gateways could be the answer.

HMS Labs and LumenRadio recently finished a joint concept study that aims to demonstrate how existing industrial sensors and IO devices can be connected directly to an IoT platform using wireless communication and a new type of gateway which we call micro-gateways.

Such applications are today only implemented in large scale facilities using wires. The proposed system and involved technologies help to bring the cost and complexity down to a level where it is possible to install this also on smaller production sites. This was not possible until now since the technologies involved (IoT platform, MIRA protocol, edge gateways) were not commercially available.

For more information and the full paper please go to the following link: 


LumenRadios products in a BREEAM Outstanding building

The first Swedish building to achieve BREEAM Outstanding is Torsplan 2. In this building Swegon launches their unique IoT (Internet of Things) enabled climate control system for HVAC with LumenRadio’s reliable wireless connectivity. BREEAM is a globally leading certification system that is considered the most demanding system for the environmental assessment of properties. Read More


Latour Industries’ investment in LumenRadio enables the next growth journey in IoT

Latour Industries AB has signed an agreement to acquire 24.7 percent of the shares in LumenRadio AB through a directed share issue and acquisition of existing shares. Other large shareholders in the company are Chalmers Innovation Seed Fund and Almi Invest.



LumenRadio nominated for embedded AWARD

We are very proud to announce that our revolutionary Mira platform is one of the nominated products in the Hardware category for the embedded AWARD which will be presented at Embedded world 23-25 February 2016. The embedded AWARD recognise especially innovative products and developments in the categories hardware, software and tools.

Read more

Development kit for Mira

LumenRadio shows the Mira platform at Embedded world 

As a global leader in wireless lighting controls within the entertainment industry, LumenRadio has many years of experience in creating world leading wireless technologies. With that background they are now providing reliable  solutions for the Internet of Things.



LumenRadio launches Mira – a platform for the next generation Internet of Things solutions

Global leader in wireless lighting controls, LumenRadio AB, launches Mira – the solution to deploying large scale Internet of Things (IoT) installations in machine to machine (M2M) and building communications applications. Built on years of experience in creating highly reliable wireless lighting controls, the LumenRadio Mira platform offers best in class radio performance, unmatched reliability and most importantly – is easy to integrate, shortening your time to market. Mira can be used to link practically any device – light, energy, environment, security, transport, weather, presence and just about anything else you can think of!