LumenRadio’s Wireless Mesh Technology and MiraOS Now Available on Microsoft AppSource

LumenRadio today announced the availability of its wireless mesh technology on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions.

With the embedded operating system MiraOS, LumenRadio enables reliable and low power-consuming wireless mesh network technology. MiraOS has a small footprint and an integrated IPv6 stack for wireless mesh networking. MiraOS is flashed on edge devices and connected to Microsoft Azure via a gateway. The patented Cognitive Coexistence algorithm delivers reliability.

Business-critical IoT applications today rely on LumenRadio’s reliability and radio interference mitigation, and LumenRadio’s trusted wireless technology powers critical applications even in harsh radio environments. Technology business cases range from building automation and HVAC equipment to predictive maintenance for industrial applications, to equipment for major Hollywood and Netflix productions. 

Karin Hoflund, Partner Manager, LumenRadio, said:

“We’re collaborating with Microsoft to connect the smallest of battery-powered IoT devices to Microsoft Azure IoT Suite utilizing wireless mesh connectivity. The possibility to create an end-to-end solution from edge devices to the cloud that is easily upgradable, monitorable, and deployable is of great importance when it comes to large-scale mesh networks. MiraOS together with the Azure IoT Suite makes this possible.”

Kirsten Edmondson Wolfe, Senior Director, AppSource Product Marketing, Microsoft Corp. said:

“We’re pleased to welcome LumenRadio and its wireless connectivity solutions for IoT to Microsoft AppSource, which gives our customers access to the best solutions available from our extensive partner ecosystem. Microsoft AppSource offers partner solutions such as MiraOS from LumenRadio to help customers meet their needs faster.”

Learn more about LumenRadio’s wireless mesh technology and embedded operating system at its page on AppSource.

About LumenRadio: 

LumenRadio pioneers ultra-reliable wireless mesh connectivity technology for business-critical IoT applications. The company develops device-to-device connectivity software and radio modules, helping large OEM companies build future-proof wireless products. LumenRadio is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, with sales offices in Frankfurt and Boston.

Founded in 2008 with a vision for perfecting frequency-friendly wireless technology, LumenRadio has delivered wireless transformation within the professional lighting industry. LumenRadio’s wireless DMX and CRMX products are used for wireless lighting controls within the film & broadcasting content production industry. Since 2015, LumenRadio’s technology has been used within many different business-critical IoT applications where reliability and low power consumption are paramount.

For more information: 

Karin Hoflund, LumenRadio, (+46) 31-301 03 70,

USA Wireless mesh

LumenRadio opens Boston office to further expand its footprint and IoT connectivity platform

LumenRadio helps companies build smart connected solutions. The wireless connectivity technology developer announced today that they have officially opened their Boston office. The company plans to expand its sales and field engineering teams to support its North American customer base. 

Business-critical IoT applications rely on LumenRadio’s reliability and interference mitigation. The patented Cognitive Coexistence technology delivers the world’s most resilient wireless solution. LumenRadio’s wireless mesh and wireless DMX platforms power critical applications in the harshest of radio environments. Their technology business cases range from building automation sensors and HVAC equipment, predictive maintenance, or equipment for major Hollywood and Netflix productions.

The Boston location was a strategic decision because of the proximity to many US Fortune 500 manufacturing companies HQ’s and the availability of technology and engineering talent.


“The Boston office will complement our existing European offices, it will allow us to better support the Global OEMs, and create more intimate relationships with all of our current and future North American customers,” says Peter Lindkvist, Global Sales & Marketing Director


“North American Lighting, HVAC & Building Automation, Physical Security & Access Control, and Industrial Sensor manufacturers gain access to LumenRadio’s unparalleled technology, coupled with local engineering expertise and development support,” adds Maciej Oldziej, Sales Director North America spearheading the new establishment.


LumenRadio, founded in 2008 with a vision for perfecting frequency-friendly wireless technology, has led the wireless transformation within the Lighting industry. LumenRadio’s wireless DMX CRMX brand has become the global de-facto standard for wireless lighting controls within the Film & Broadcasting content production industry. Since 2015 LumenRadio’s technology is used within many different business-critical applications where reliability and robustness are paramount.


För more information contact: 

Maciej Oldziej

Sales Director, North America

Cell: +1 (617) 650-2651



Wireless technology pioneers LumenRadio and Wireless Solution join forces!

Gothenburg-based LumenRadio AB announces today the acquisition of Wireless Solution Sweden AB – together the two companies will become the undisputed market leader in wireless lighting controls for the Professional Lighting industry. Through the acquisition, a heavy-weight player is formed with the strength to lead and drive the wireless DMX market. 

Both LumenRadio and Wireless Solution (today a business area within Interlite AB) have contributed in transforming the lighting industry with their development of reliable wireless lighting control, which today is a “must have” within the Film & Broadcast Lighting, Stage Lighting and Architectural Lighting industries. Both companies have great experience and expertise within wireless communication and engineering, and together they will be better equipped to meet the future requirements from their customers.

Alexander Hellström, the CEO of LumenRadio is impressed by the technology and knowledge within Wireless Solution and says:

“We are really excited about this! Together we will define the wireless standard for the future and with all the great technology and knowhow Wireless Solution has built up over the last two decades, we strongly believe that our existing and future customers will benefit from the combined offer.”

Alexander continues:

 “Professional Lighting is a high-stakes, no-nonsense business putting high pressure on suppliers to always deliver, something that Wireless Solution, under the dedicated leadership from Niclas Arvidsson, successfully has done over the last two decades.”

The combined business will have a yearly turnover of more than 10 MEUR and more than 50 employees – with complementary products and solutions, addressing a much bigger, more geographically diverse and non-overlapping customer base. The two brands will be run separately, maintaining their own market identity – creating a firm belief that both customers and suppliers will benefit from the increased strength of this new entity.

“I am happy and positive that the Wireless Solution brand will continue to thrive within the new LumenRadio context.” says Interlite’s owner and CEO, Niclas Arvidsson and continues: “I think this merger is very good for our customers and the industry in general. The conditions for a truly global standard for wireless DMX are now in place.”


For further information, please contact:

Alexander Hellström, CEO, LumenRadio +46 70 377 24 15

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO Interlite AB. +46705915515


About LumenRadio:

LumenRadio, founded 2008, pioneers ultra-reliable wireless connectivity technology for business-critical applications. They develop device-to-device connectivity software and hardware, helping companies build future-proof wireless products. LumenRadio is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden with sales offices in Frankfurt and Boston.  


About Wireless Solutions:

Wireless Solution, founded 2003 and previously an integrated business area within the Swedish company Interlite, is a manufacturer of wireless lighting control equipment both for end users and OEM partners. Wireless Solution is headquartered in Uddevalla, Sweden with a sales office in the UK. 

Wireless mesh u-blox

Wireless mesh -Live demo at SPS trade show

Trade fairs are great examples of environments with lots of radio disturbances and it’s a widespread opinion that showcasing wireless technology at a tradeshow is doomed to fail. But at a tradeshow like SPS, with a focus on smart and digital automation, it’s necessary to be able to showcase wireless connected products for harsh industrial environments. LumenRadio takes on the challenge and will run a live demo between u-blox’s and LumenRadio’s booths.  

The significant radio disturbances at trade fairs are due to a lot of people being crammed in a limited area, thousands of visitors with mobile phones in their pockets, many different Wi-Fi networks running in parallel, which all means a heavy usage of the same 2.4GHz frequency band. This leads to congestion in the radio environment resulting in interference, data losses and lots of problems.

The “Interference of Things”

The 2.4GHz band is very popular because it’s a licence free band all over the world, which means that your product can use the same frequencies globally without special configuration. If you, as a product manufacturer, use the 2.4GHz band there is no need for certifying and managing multiple versions of the same product to be able to sell it globally.   

But when more and more devices are getting connected to this same frequency band interference becomes a real problem and this congestion could make your wireless enabled product have degraded quality of service or even stop working completely.

The question is; Is there a solution to this exponentially growing problem with interference or is the 2.4GHz band doomed? Is this frequency band now home to the Interference of Things rather than the Internet of Things?

Coexisting wireless mesh

Luckily the solution already exists, and this will be showcased at SPS in Nuremberg on the 26-28th of November. By running LumenRadio’s reliable wireless mesh technology on u-blox radio modules for industrial applications, all doubts will definitely be erased about bad performance of wireless connectivity in harsh industrial environments. 

Live at the trade fair we will build a mesh network between LumenRadio’s and u-blox’s booth separated in two different halls, using the embedded operating system called MiraOS from LumenRadio and NINA radio modules from u-blox. 

Are you heading to SPS this year? Come by and visit LumenRadio’s and u-blox booths! Don’t miss out when we are pushing the boundaries for reliable wireless mesh! 

MiraOS with U-blox

Where to find us?

SPS NürnbergMesse – November 26 @ 08.00 to November 28 @ 17.00

LumenRadio – Hall 6, Booth 150L

U-blox – Hall 5, Booth 456


Maciej Oldziej – LumenRadio’s first Boston recruit

During 2020, LumenRadio will start working even harder on positioning our Mira IoT offer on the US market. To help us do so, we have recruited Maciej Oldziej – a master of sales. Based in Boston, Maciej will help us expand our market position and our driven US team, characterized by the LumenRadio humble swagger.


5 quick questions – get to know Maciej


What made you interested in LumenRadio?
“One does not simply pass on a company whose technology is a staple in all major Hollywood and Netflix productions! On a serious note, I was intrigued by LumenRadio’s achievements and future aspirations. Uniquely positioned as Hollywood’s and professional wireless controls standard, with their sights set on the broader IoT market. A limited glimpse into the company culture was sufficient to convince me that this was a tribe of intelligent, driven, and humble people – I was right.”


What about LumenRadio’s technology do you find most interesting?
“Cognitive Coexistence. It is fascinating that our adaptive frequency technology scans RF channels every 10 ms identifying in real-time the best network links, building a predictive model to avoid congested channels and future interferences. Did someone say future-proof?”


Where in the US will you be based?
“I reside in Boston, Massachusetts, where we will open our first US-based office. Boston is strategic to our plans, gaining access to premier talent-pool and close vicinity to our IoT customers. With Massachusetts at the forefront of IoT and wireless connectivity regulation, we ensure that we maintain current and future requirements.”


What do you look forward to accomplish on the US market?
“There’s a long laundry list of goals and objectives that we are aiming to achieve in 2020. I am excited to position LumenRadio as a household wireless connectivity, tech brand with all the large HVAC, building automation, and industrial OEMs. Actively engaged with many of them, we have just scratched the surface of the US OEM IoT market.”


Is there any upcoming opportunity to meet up with you?
“Yes! I will be present at two upcoming Boston-based IoT events. First, Industry of Things World East on November 7th and 8th. Second, Boston IoT & Smart Hardware Showcase on November 21st hosted by Hardware Pioneers. 

I enjoy meeting new people and am always open to a cup of coffee. If you’re ever in Boston, feel welcomed to drop me a line – the first one’s on me!” 


Want to get in touch with Maciej?


Phone: +1 (617) 650-2651




Luminair 3 adds support for LumenRadio’s MoonLite and TimoTwo

LumenRadio and Synthe FX have announced the immediate availability of a new update to Synthe FX’s Luminair 3 app that adds support for outputting DMX over Bluetooth to LumenRadio’s MoonLite™ and TimoTwo™ platform.

Luminair 3, from developers Synthe FX, is an iOS-based lighting control app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

“LumenRadio’s MoonLite™ is a new wireless DMX control product that incorporates an updated version of the company’s award-winning, ultra-reliable CRMX technology, combined with Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in battery.

MoonLite is built on TimoTwo™, LumenRadio’s new radio module that enables the next generation of wireless DMX communication. Built-in Bluetooth compatibility makes TimoTwo™ a dynamic platform, always evolving via software updates to offer users and manufacturers the latest wireless functionalities.”

The new functionality in Luminair v3.7.4 allows users to output DMX over an iOS device’s built-in Bluetooth hardware, directly to MoonLite™ and TimoTwo devices™. Special optimizations have been made to deliver the full Luminair app experience over low-bandwidth BLE connections. All features in Luminair are supported at a reduced frame rate, including FX, sequences and long fade transitions.

Connecting to a LumenRadio BLE device within Luminair is a simple one-step process. Users no longer need to configure a custom network or individual adapters. Just tap on the device listed in Luminair’s Bluetooth discovery window and a full universe of DMX will be output whenever that device is within range. Luminair can also output the same universe over Art-Net and sACN simultaneously with the Bluetooth output.

“The simple connection process will appeal to users working in fast-paced environments like Film and TV production, where it’s not always practical to set up a full network for lighting control”, says Ryan Hisey, founder of Synthe FX. “We’re thrilled that LumenRadio has created this new product platform that streamlines the wireless workflow for users, while simultaneously offering lighting manufacturers the ability to incorporate Luminair app compatibly directly in their products.”

“The Bluetooth compatibility in TimoTwo and MoonLite opens up to a totally new era of wireless DMX and we are happy that Luminair 3 now has support for outputting DMX over Bluetooth to LumenRadio’s new product platform. Synthe FX is a pioneer in this field and we’re excited that the entire Luminair app user base now has the ability to directly interact with our products.” says Niclas Norlén CTO at LumenRadio.

The Luminair v3.7.4 update is available now on the iOS App Store, as a free download for existing Luminair 3 customers. Pricing for new customers varies across regions. Full product information is available at

Both MoonLite™ and TimoTwo™ are available for order. MoonLite™ is ordered via LumenRadio’s distributors (Link ) and for interest in the TimoTwo™ module please contact

About Synthe FX
Synthe FX is an industry leader in mobile lighting control products, specializing in apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The company was formed in 2006 with the aim of building tools that inspire and enable creativity, by utilizing the latest software architectures and hardware technologies.

About LumenRadio
LumenRadio develop, market and sell low-power and ultra-reliable operating systems, radio modules and products for wireless lighting control and IoT-applications. From high-profile professional lighting to heavy-duty industrial equipment, we have a solution that works in environments where others fail.

For more information contact:

Ryan Hisey, founder of Synthe FX
+1 513-238-0155


Niclas Norlén, CTO, LumenRadio
+46 766 278 728


iPad Pro, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and iCloud are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. 


Lightfair 2019 LumenRadio

A unique multi standard wireless lighting control solution showcased at LIGHTFAIR

LumenRadio, the world’s leading wireless lighting controls manufacturer and connectivity enabler, will exhibit at LIGHTFAIR and present their new AirGlow product – a multi standard wireless lighting control solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor light control.  AirGlow is unique in that it can scale from individual light group control to be used for large scale light control systems with IoT connectivity.

Wireless technology provider LumenRadio offers patented technologies, a unique operating system, state of the art radio modules and “off-the-shelf” products which provide ultra-reliable mesh connectivity for the most business critical applications.

Today, LumenRadio is the market leader within wireless DMX and their patented CRMX technology has become a de-facto standard within both Professional lighting and Film lighting. Using the same ultra-reliable connectivity technology, LumenRadio is now entering the Connected Lighting segment, offering fixture manufacturers their new AirGlow product, thereby enabling a quick time to market for reliable wireless connectivity.

At LIGHTFAIR LumenRadio will present AirGlow – a product platform for both indoor and outdoor light controls that can scale from individual light group control to large scale light control system with IoT connectivity. The product comes packed with powerful and easy-to-use features and is compatible with both Bluetooth and their ultra-reliable Mira Mesh technology.

Due to the small size and versatile interfaces, AirGlow for Indoor usage is ideal for integration both into luminaires as well as integration into standard gang or junction boxes.

AirGlow for outdoor incorporates the LumenRadio’s MWA module, which is tailored for outdoor operation. With a line-of-sight range of up to 500m, AirGlow for outdoor offers performance previously only seen with sub-GHz frequencies.

Enabling Coexistence
AirGlow is built on LumenRadio’s embedded Mira operating system, which enables the world’s most resilient wireless mesh connectivity for business critical applications. The core technology is the Cognitive Coexistence patent that enables your product to coexist along with other wireless technologies, not being interfered and not causing interference.


A “one stop shop”
LumenRadio is a one-stop-shop when it comes to wireless lighting control. Whether you need wireless DMX for indoor or outdoor or a multi standard lighting control solution compatible with Bluetooth and the ultra-reliable Mira Mesh technology, LumenRadio is the company to turn to.

Showcased at LIGHTFAIR in Philadelphia. May 21-23
Visit us at LIGHTFAIR to learn more about how AirGlow allows unique scalability. Let AirGlow give you a quick time to market for your smart fixtures. You will find us in the IoT Pavilion booth 4344.

For more information read here or contact:
Robert Larsson, Sales Director, Smart Lighting
+46 709 10 24 20


Niclas Norlén, CTO
+46 766 278 728





LumenRadio, the world’s leading wireless lighting controls manufacturer and connectivity enabler, now release MoonLite™ a brand new patent-pending wireless lighting control product with bluetooth connectivity, color coded pairing and built in battery.

MoonLite™ is a wireless CRMX receiver and transmitter built on LumenRadio’s new TimoTwo™ module where they have updated their award winning ultra-reliable CRMX technology. By introducing TimoTwo™ and MoonLite™ to the market LumenRadio says that they are entering the “New era of Wireless DMX”.

MoonLite™ is a state-of-the-art transceiver; thanks to its small size, built-in battery and dual XLR connectors it is ideal for use at clubs, small stage events, corporate events, in theatres and temporary events where wireless DMX is needed. The Bluetooth connectivity enables control and configuration through CRMX toolbox app.

MoonLite™ has the same reliable functionalities as all LumenRadio’s CRMX products, but is updated with even smarter disturbance detection technology, allowing for even more stable connectivity – and it comes in a much smaller package.

MoonLite™ features
• Built on the latest CRMX technology
• DMX transceiver (TX and RX)
• RDM enabled in RX mode
• DC power
• Bluetooth connectivity
• Rechargeable battery included (10-12 hours in CRMX RX and 20 hours in Bluetooth mode)
• Check battery status through app
• Color coded pairing indication
• Velcro fastening
• Firmware updates available over Bluetooth, USB or XLR

Bluetooth connectivity
With built-in support for Bluetooth connectivity, MoonLite™ enables tablet and phone based lighting control software to connect directly without the need for extra hardware.
LumenRadio´s new CRMX Toolbox app makes it easy to connect to your fixtures, allowing for DMX light control and configuration directly from a handheld device. By using LumenRadio’s open Bluetooth API, you can also build your own lighting control application or connect to 3rd party controllers.

“What better way to control and configure your MoonLite™ then from the palm of your hand? Using our new CRMX Toolbox app you can quickly identify your Moonlite, check battery status, conduct firmware updates, toggle between receiver and transmitter mode, change output power and much more. The new era of wireless DMX is finally here” says Niclas Norlén CTO of LumenRadio

MoonLite™ is ready to ship in Q2 2019

Showcased at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, April 2-5
At Prolight + Sound you will be able to see the MoonLite™ and the CRMX Toolbox in action, learn more about how TimoTwo™ opens up for the “New era of Wireless DMX”. This year you find LumenRadio in Hall 12.1, booth C58.

For more information read here or contact:
Jens Markebjer, International Sales Manager
+46 (0)721-86 94 72
Niclas Norlén, CTO
+46 766 278 728




LumenRadio, world leader in providing reliable wireless DMX, is taking their patented technology to the next level with the release of their new module TimoTwo™ – the next generation of wireless DMX communication.

The current TiMo™ platform, which was launched back in 2014, enables unprecedented reliable wireless DMX for fixture manufacturers. LumenRadio’s new TimoTwo™  platform is the next generation of reliable wireless DMX communication and with patent pending DMXmesh™ option, Bluetooth compatibility and improved Coexistence, TimoTwo™ will be the most reliable and useful radio module for wireless DMX.

LumenRadio’s TimoTwo™ is a fully integrated DMX/RDM module and offers over-the-air firmware upgrades, SMT mounting, an integrated on-chip antenna as well as a UF.L connector for external antennas. It will be available for purchase in Q2, 2019

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth enables easy commissioning and lighting control using portable devices, firmware updates over the air and support for DMX over Bluetooth (in TX mode). You can also build your own lighting control app using LumenRadio’s open Bluetooth API.

Improved Coexistence

TimoTwo™ has a dynamic RF transmission resulting in reduced RF footprint as well as improved disturbance detection and improved reliability


The DMXmesh™ option, which will be made available later on this year, enables flexible fixture placement and an extended range of your wireless communication.  

With LumenRadio’s patent pending DMXmesh™ technology, every receiver and fixture will also act as a repeater, where all devices coordinate among themselves to make sure that the coverage is expanded in the most optimal.  

Also, by using the DMXMesh™ option the time needed for installation and wireless commissioning will be greatly reduced for architectural and architainment illumination with no more site surveys or complicated planning for the wireless DMX distribution. The DMXmesh™ technology will let you focus on what is important; illumination, not on DMX distribution.


CRMX Toolbox app

With TimoTwo™ in your fixtures, you can now use our newly developed CRMX Toolbox app to track and connect to your fixtures and controllers. TimoTwo’s built-in Bluetooth connectivity enables DMX light control through 3rd party smart device light controllers as well as the option to build your own application using our open Bluetooth API.

From now on, there is no need for any extra hardware to connect to and control your fixtures from handheld devices – you have full control light control in the palm of your hand!


Showcased at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, April 2-5

Visit us at Prolight + Sound to learn more about how TimoTwo™ opens up for the “New era of Wireless DMX” and come and see booth the MoonLite and the CRMX Toolbox in action . This year you find us in Hall 12.1, booth C58.


For more information read here or contact:

Robert Larsson, Sales Director, Smart Lighting
+46 709 10 24 20


Niclas Norlén, CTO
+46 766 278 728




LumenRadio announces the appointment of Sean Dane to the position of US Sales Manager.  Bringing extensive knowledge and experience of the wireless DMX industry, Sean is uniquely qualified to help propel sales of LumenRadio’s wireless technology and will work closely with the rest of the LumenRadio team to position the brand for its next phase of growth in the US marketplace.  In his new role, Sean will be responsible for all OEM sales activities on behalf of LumenRadio in the US, reporting directly to Robert Larsson, Sales Director at LumenRadio.

Sean joins LumenRadio after six years as the Sales Director and Application Specialist at RC4 Wireless. During this time, Sean has worked closely with many LumenRadio end users within the film, theatre, theme parks and concert touring environments. During the same time, Sean has also worked with many of the current LumenRadio OEM partners.

After spending ten years in production, Sean moved to the manufacturing and sales side of the industry where he has held roles such as sales director, application specialist, freelance properties designer as well as a prop master for the Kansas City Repertory Theatre. His hands-on production and sales experience is a great benefit to both LumenRadio and to our customers and we are confident our US based customers and OEM partners will soon see the benefit of Sean’s knowledge and experience in wireless technology.

Says Robert Larsson, Sales Director LumenRadio – “ We are delighted to have Sean join the LumenRadio team – his background, knowledge and experience of wireless technologies in general, and our CRMX technology in particular, makes Sean an ideal fit to support our continued growth on the US market and I’m confident he will be a great asset in delivering on our commercial goals as well as to support our current and future customers”

As the Sales Director for an OEM partner, I saw first hand the power and flexibility of the CRMX platform. I am excited to join the LumenRadio team after working with the technology for a number of years. Both the technology and the team behind it continually impressed me and I could not be happier to be joining them” says Sean Dane

He continues; “CRMX technology being implemented in so many manufactures products is a testament to the development team behind it and I am thrilled to work with them on the next generation of products. I am eager to share both my production experience and my knowledge of wireless DMX with our customers and OEM partners. I expect to see great things continue to develop for both LumenRadio and our customers.”