You can now see the presentation of CRMX Nova Flex leading to LumenRadio's second consecutive PLASA Award for Innovation. Presenters are CTO Niclas Norlén and CRMX Lead developer Michael Karlsson.
Today, at PLASA 2010, LumenRadio were awarded our second consecutive Innovation Award, this time for the CRMX Nova Flex. The Judges were impressed by "...its ability to act as a complete cross-protocol wireless lighting control system. It was also noted for its recent use of RDM in an architectural application, giving feedback from external sensors - thereby providing an energy efficient outdoor lighting solution."
We are proud to present the support for RDM over Art-Net in all CRMX RDM transmitters at PLASA this year. Our CRMX wireless products already supported all the common entertainment lighting protocols: DMX, RDM, Art-Net I & II, Streaming ACN (draft & standard), ETCNet 2 & 3, Strand ShowNet, and Pathport. We are now taking it a step further by adding support for RDM over Art-Net. This means that we now have extended the bi-directionality of RDM into the Ethernet domain with the obvious advantages that has for networked connectivity on the controller side.

CRMX Nova launched

LumenRadio is proud to announce the launch and immediate availability of CRMX Nova at PLASA 2009. CRMX Nova redefines reliability and fidelity in wireless DMX & RDM distribution and is our first smart and adaptive wireless product range for the Entertainment and Architainment industries. CRMX Nova offers the same robustness as cables, but with the convenience, flexibility, and low installation costs of wireless.<br><br>CRMX Nova will be demonstrated to the world for the first time during PLASA 2009 at LumenRadio's booth 1-D36 and A.C. Entertainment Technologies' booth 1-E10. We recommend you stop by to see the full demonstration. See the full press release <a href="">here</a> and information on CRMX Nova under <a href="products.php">Products</a> or visit our <a href="">dedicated CRMX Nova website at</a>. Hi-res images for printing can be found <a href="images/press-releases/20090913/">here</a>