LumenRadio CRMX in Jurassic World

CRMX returns to Jurassic World

LumenRadio once again shows why it’s the leading brand of wireless DMX with it’s CRMX technology. As the de-facto standard, and the go-to technology, for wireless DMX within the feature film and TV industry; CRMX returned to Isla Nublar to help save the remaining dinosaurs that were left behind.


In the recently premiered blockbuster film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom LumenRadio’s CRMX technology played an important role; the CRMX technology was put to use for controlling ARRI Skylink fixtures throughout the sets. And once again LumenRadio showed why their technology is want is used by all major lighting manufacturers in the film industry, since it’s the only technology that can be used in the harsh wireless environments on set.

LumenRadio in Jurassic World - from the set in Hawaii

From the set in Hawaii

Large part of the movie was shot in the jungles of Hawaii where Lighting Console programmer Richard Rasmusen relied on the wireless DMX system from LumenRadio to save time – hence saving money for the production. When having effects in the jungle, pulling a control cable is simply not an option – turning to wireless DMX from LumenRadio was the logical choice for Richard with a multitude of wireless receivers scattered throughout the jungle for easy access to DMX wherever needed. “I’ve been using LumenRadio’s products almost every day for quite some time.  Through the ever changing weather conditions of the Hawaiian jungle and beaches LumenRadio products worked flawless. It saves so much time and trouble. The fact that the technology is built into almost all fixtures these days makes it so amazing!” says Richard.


Michael Karlsson, R&D Manager at LumenRadio elaborates: “We have been the de-facto standard used for wireless control in this industry for quite some time now – there simply are no other options that can deal with all the disturbances in the air at a busy set. Reliability is of essence here, if it doesn’t work – time is running. And time means money.”


Hive Lighting_LumenRadio

Hive Lighting goes wireless with LumenRadio

LumenRadio, world leader in wireless technologies for the entertainment industries, are proud to announce an OEM partnership with California based Hive Lighting.


Since 2011, LA based Hive Lighting has been providing multiple different high performance and energy efficient lighting solutions. Their niche products are developed for many different areas; ranging from film, photography and TV productions to science and sports – all developed to fit the demands and standards of professional lighting technicians.

“Our C-Series products are used for film, television and digital media production, as well as scientific research and testing. We also have an architectural fixture line, ArcHIVE, and those are used for museums, galleries, theaters, hotels, retail stores and other high-end architectural applications.” says Robert Rutherford, Hive Lighting’s founder.



The Hornet 200-c will be using wireless DMX by LumenRadio


Having a wireless option is a must-have feature in the professional lighting industry today. Hive Lighting’s fixtures offers the user a huge amount of control; the user is able to adjust features such as color temperature, saturation and hue, as well as choose various white light profiles and run special lighting effects, to name a few. Having access to these controls wirelessly allows the user the maximum amount of creativity and flexibility while saving time and money.


“LumenRadio is the entertainment industry standard for adding reliable wireless DMX control for production lighting. We chose LumenRadio to allow our fixture to be compatible with all of the control systems in place throughout the film, TV and digital production industry.” says Robert Rutherford.


Says Robert Larsson, Sales Director at LumenRadio: “We are very happy to have Hive Lighting onboard as an OEM partner. Hive is an innovative company with great people and great products and we are delighted they have decided to use LumenRadio as their trusted wireless partner. We are confident that Hive Lighting, and their customers, will have an exciting and bright future of creative projects ahead of them.”

Distributor of the year 2017

LMP receives LumenRadio’s Distributor of the Year Award 2017

Leading wireless lighting controls manufacturer and connectivity enabler, LumenRadio, is very proud to once again present LMP as the LumenRadio Distributor of the Year.

During LumenRadio’s 10-year celebrations at Prolight + Sound, Oliver Winkler, Nikolai Klostermann and Marc Petzold from LMP accepted the award on behalf of the company – a custom engraved transmitter presented to them by Robert Larsson, Sales Director at LumenRadio.

“With a great deal of professionalism, hard work and determination, LMP have established CRMX technology from LumenRadio as the natural choice for wireless lighting controls in Germany. For the second year in a row, we are delighted to show our appreciation and present the LMP team with our Distributor of the Year award” says Robert Larsson.

LMP is the exclusive LumenRadio distributor in Germany and have for the past 10 years provided the German market with LumenRadio’s reliable wireless DMX products. LMP is one of the largest distributors in Europe with a long track record of distributing top brands to customers all over Germany.

”We at LMP are all very happy to be Distributor of the Year again. This is a result of professional work of two great teams  – one of a well known distributor and one of a high-tech supplier – LumenRadio. With this good relationship and the fantastic feedback from our customers we are looking forward to more interesting projects with LumenRadio products” says Oliver Winkler, Product Manager at LMP.

We at the LumenRadio team want to thank all of our distributors for the past year, and we look forward to another great year of collaborations.


LumenRadio presents MoonLite™ – the ultimate “Swiss army knife”  of wireless DMX

LumenRadio, the world’s leading wireless lighting controls manufacturer and connectivity enabler, will be presenting a brand new wireless lighting control product at Prolight+Sound show in Frankfurt.

Introducing , MoonLiteTM, LumenRadio will show how new, unique, wireless concepts will make life easier for lighting technicians. Built on LumenRadio’s award winning, ultra-reliable CRMXTM technology and combined with new features such as Bluetooth connectivity, built-in battery and the possibility to be used together with the new CRMXTM Toolbox app will make MoonLiteTM a unique tool in a lighting technicians toolbox.

Ready to ship in Q4 2018, MoonLiteTM will have the same reliable functionalities as all LumenRadio’s CRMXTM products but comes in a much smaller package and at a lower price. By being a wireless DMX transmitter and receiver, offering patent-pending DMXmeshTM, functionality, as well as the ability to act as DMX tester and RDM controller, MoonLiteTM is truly the Swiss army knife of the wireless DMX world!

With built-in support for Bluetooth connectivity, MoonLiteTM enables tablet and phone based lighting control softwares to connect directly without the need for extra hardware.

MoonLiteTM can also be used together with the new CRMX Toolbox app. Some of the key features are:  

  • Troubleshooting using the DMX tester functionality
  • Simple RDM controller that lets you discover, patch and monitor RDM compatible devices
  • Firmware updates of CRMX devices
  • Configuration of CRMX products

MoonLiteTM is a state-of-the-art transceiver; thanks to it’s small size, built-in battery and dual XLR connectors it is ideal for use in clubs, small stage events, in theatres or any temporary event where wireless DMX connectivity is needed” says Robert Larsson Sales Director, SmartLighting.

“MoonLiteTM is not only an easy to use wireless DMX transceiver it is so much more. It is a great tool for troubleshooting through the CRMXTM Toolbox App. Furthermore, Bluetooth connectivity. adds a new dimension to wireless light control” says Niclas Norlén CTO of LumenRadio.

Visit us at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, April 10-13

We are participating at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt on April 10-13. You will find us in Hall 3.0 booth C76 – make sure to stop by to learn more about our brand new MoonLiteTM product and to catch up on other new things we are showing off. If you just want to have a coffee and chat for a while, we are fine with that as well.

For more information read here or contact:

Robert Larsson, Sales Director, SmartLighting

+46 709 10 24 20




Niclas Norlén, CTO

+46 766 278 728

LumenRadio – Ten years of reliable wireless DMX

This year we are celebrating our 10-year anniversary and that LumenRadio’s patented CRMXTM technology for wireless DMX is today the de-facto wireless lighting control standard in Motion picture lighting, Stage lighting and Architectural lighting industries.


TimoTwo™- the next generation of wireless DMX – presented at Prolight + Sound

LumenRadio, world leader in providing reliable wireless DMX  is taking their patented technology to the next level with the release its new TimoTwoTM module.  The new TimoTwoTM will be showcased for the first time at the Prolight+Sound show in Frankfurt.

The TimoOneTM platform was launched in 2014 and enabled unprecedented reliable wireless DMX for fixture manufacturers. TimoTwoTM will be available for purchase in Q4 2018 and with patent pending DMXmeshTM option, reduced RF footprint and Bluetooth compatibility TimoTwoTM will be the most reliable and useful radio module for wireless DMX.

TimoTwoTM is a fully integrated wireless DMX/RDM module that offers Bluetooth connectivity, DMXmeshTM technology and improved coexistence. Furthermore TimoTwoTM offers over-the-air firmware updates, and just like it’s predecessor its a SMD module that has the options for either internal or external antenna.

Bluetooth prepared

Bluetooth enables easy commissioning and lighting control using portable devices, firmware updates over the air and support for DMX over Bluetooth (in TX mode). You can also build your own lighting control app using LumenRadio’s open Bluetooth API.

Meshed network support

In a meshed network setup, all your fixtures are connected to each other. This enables extremely flexible setups, easy installations and fixture control without having to plan for transmitters, repeaters and receivers.

Improved coexistence

TimoTwo has a dynamic RF transmission resulting in reduced RF footprint as well as improved disturbance detection and improved reliability

About DMXmeshTM

The patent pending DMXmeshTM technology from LumenRadio is a game changer for wireless connectivity. With DMXmeshTM every receiver and fixture will also act as a repeater, where all devices coordinate among themselves to make sure that the coverage is expanded in the most optimal way.

Time for installation and wireless commissioning will be greatly reduced for architectural and architainment illumination, no more site surveys or complicated planning for the wireless DMX distribution. The DMXmeshTM technology will let you focus on what is important; illumination, not on DMX distribution.


Visit us at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, April 10-13

We are participating at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt on April 10-13. You will find us in Hall 3.0 booth C76 – make sure to stop by to learn more about TimoTwoTM and to catch up on other new things we are showing off. If you just want to have a coffee and chat for a while, we are fine with that as well.


For more information read here or contact:

Robert Larsson, Sales Director, Smart Lighting

+46 709 10 24 20




Niclas Norlén, CTO

+46 766 278 728


LumenRadio – Ten years of reliable wireless DMX

This year we are celebrating our 10-year anniversary and that LumenRadio’s patented CRMXTM technology for wireless DMX is today the de-facto wireless lighting control standard in Motion picture lighting, Stage lighting and Architectural lighting industries.


LumenRadio will be exhibiting at Prolight + Sound 2018

LumenRadio at Prolight + Sound

Prolight + Sound is showing a comprehensive overview of the technologies for entertainment lighting, and we will of course take part in exhibiting – with brand new product releases.


Lumen Radio has been a frequent exhibitor at Prolight + Sound, and this year is no exception. Between April 10 and 13 you can find us at the fair in booth 3.0 C76. Take a moment and talk to our team, grab a coffee and get in on the latest trends in wireless DMX.

This Prolight + Sound we will also present two new wireless DMX lighting control products; one for end users and one for manufacturers. Sign up for our newsletter or visit us at the tradeshow to learn more!

Also, this year we’re celebrating 10 years of wireless DMX. This is of course a reason to celebrate and therefore we will be hosting a booth party at Wednesday 11th between 6 and 8 pm. Make sure to stop by for the celebrations!

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Prolight + Sound!


LumenRadio Illuminates the Old City Walls of Jerusalem

The Walls of Jerusalem have protected the Old city of Jerusalem since ancient times. In the project of illuminating the Walls, the choice has been narrowed down to wireless solution, but there were still several challenges to be considered. Never before has wireless DMX technology been used outdoors in this fashion in Israel.

LumenRadio’s Israeli distributor Danor Theatre and Studio Systems, were tasked with an unique challenge of illuminating the Walls. Due to the vast distances required to spread the lighting system, and the irregular layout of the walls and its surrounding landscape, the task could be only be realized with the help of a wireless DMX solution. For the successful completion of this project, Danor has selected LumenRadio’s excellent DMX wireless system for its unmatched reliability, and ease of use and installation.

Today, one side of the wall has been fully set up and the plans for illuminating the three remaining walls are being finalized. To continue with LumenRadio´s Wireless DMX technology is an obvious choice for Erez Hardar at Danor who expresses his satisfaction and confidence with the project’s successful outcome.







Erez has added; “When this project has been first discussed, I knew it was going to be unique and something that has never been done before here in Israel. Using wireless DMX technology – outdoors, in a very complicated area, both geographically and physically, with a wide range of poles to cover.”

Interested in learning more about the project? Please click here.

Stranger things poster

RC4 Wireless shines a light on Netflix’s Stranger Things

Stranger things poster

RC4 Wireless shines a light on Netflix’s Stranger Things

LumenRadio customer RC4 Wireless provides wireless lighting and motion technology for theatre, film and television. When they were recently asked by Netflix to solve a specific flashlight issue for the series ‘Stranger Things’, they turned to the most trusted and reliable wireless solution in the industry – LumenRadio’s CRMX technology.

With a title like Stranger Things, one might expect a world that’s intense, mysterious, and dark. And one would be exactly right. However, dark isn’t always metaphorical; the Netflix series often takes literal forays into the dead of night, darkened rooms, and ink black tunnels. When it was time to shine a light into the void, the Stranger Things lighting team turned to RC4 Wireless who offer customers the option of LumenRadio CRMX integration.

“On season two, we were told a couple days into principal photography that there was going to be a lot more lighting effects than season one, especially involving flashlights and other custom-build fixtures. Not only that, but we were going to need to start to modify the flashlights not just to flicker and pulse on command, but to swell and get brighter during the scene. And all of this had to happen in a much smaller package so it could easily be carried in a flashlight by multiple members of the cast,” explains Jeff Harkes, lighting console programmer — Stranger Things 2.

Stranger things flashlight

To make those flashlights work, Harkes and his co-conspirator on set, fixtures foreman Antimo Ponticello, turned to the LumenDimM2micro from RC4 Wireless.

“The LumenDimM2micro was a good choice for this project because it’s a Swiss Army knife for portable applications of this nature. Because of its size [2.9″ x .77″ x .4.3″], it is the obvious answer, but it’s also extremely responsive on a cue. The LumenDimM2micro’s CRMX integration through the LumenRadio transmitters and its ability to be remotely managed with RDM is unparalleled right now. There isn’t anything like it on the market for portable handheld lighting control,” Harkes states. The LumenDimM2micro features two channels of dimming, includes multiple PWM frequencies, as well as the majority of the RC4Magic harmonized design features that RC4 Wireless users know and love.

To create the flashlights, “We basically made it all fit into the flashlight sleeve and soldered it all back together so that the power signal from the RC4 dimmer was feeding the flashlight directly. That gave us full control to flicker, pulse, swell or dim the bulb on command all while allowing the actors to complete their actions unencumbered by wires up their sleeves or having to rely solely on visual effects to complete the look,” says Harkes.

Intensity control was also critical to the show. “This came in handy in a lot of applications — not only was Jeff able to run any effects he had programmed on the lighting console through the RC4 LumenDimM2micro we built into the flashlight, but we could also turn it off or dim the bulb down between takes to save the lithium batteries. Being able to dim the bulb would allow us to set the level for the camera and it took some of the responsibility of handling the flashlights out of the hands of the actors by letting us handle that remotely,” explains Ponticello.

There are over a dozen flashlights used on Stranger Things. Harkes notes: “Each flashlight across the whole show acted as its own separate project. No solution was going to work perfectly for all of the flashlights so each one had to be approached in its own way. However, in the end, every flashlight ended up using a LumenDimM2micro.”

This is the second year with RC4 on Stranger Things. Harkes explains: “In season one the work with the RC4 LumenDims started in episode one with the bike lights. Jim Dornemann, our dimmer board operator, wanted to use the RC4’s to control the lights on the bicycles remotely during the scenes. We did, and it went off without a hitch.”

As for the future, Harkes notes, “RC4’s products can really solve some of the common problems that we face every day in dealing with fixtures. Their technology is reliable and their customer support is very knowledgeable, helpful, and very quick to respond.”

“It´s great to hear RC4 getting well deserved recognition for providing the film industry with sensational products for special lighting effects and we are honoured to know that LumenRadio’s CRMX technology is helping to get the job done. RC4’s LumenDimM2micro is a fantastic product and its ability to be remotely managed with RDM makes unparalleled right now” says Roberts Larsson, Sales manager at LumenRadio.

For more information about RC4 Wireless products:

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Come and meet us at LDI

LumenRadio’s CRMX™ technology for wireless DMX continues to set the standard for reliable wireless lighting control on movie sets, theatres and architectural lighting across the globe.

At LDI – the leading tradeshow and conference for live design professionals in Las Vegas next week – we will show you how you can control, change and monitor your fixtures wirelessly! Come and see for yourself what all the hype is about! You will find us in Booth 2160 together with our North American distributor, A.C Lighting.


LumenRadio is used at a high-profile launch event for new car

LumenRadio is used at a high-profile launch event for new car

At a recent unveiling of a new car from a high-profile car manufacturer, Mattias Oslak, Light designer from Mediatec Solutions, used a total 180 fixtures, alongside a number of LumenRadio transmitters, to illuminate and control both the indoor and outdoor environment.

At the launch event, which was held at the Volvo Studios in Milano, a large number of SGM R2’s were used to illuminate the Volvo XC40 and to light up the front part of the stage. In an area of over 200 square meters, where no cabled fixtures were allowed, Mattias opted to go with LumenRadio as his choice for reliable wireless DMX connectivity.

“I have worked with LumenRadio products for several years and choose it because of the great reliability and flexibility. When using LumenRadio’s wireless technology  together with battery-powered fixtures, a world of creative, but yet reliable, options presents themselves.” says, Mattias Oslak  Light designer at Mediatec Solutions Sweden AB.

At the same event, Mattias mounted a number of Astera fixtures, such as the AX10, AX5 and AX3, onto rails and custom-made brackets in order to light up the decor. In the event hall, where cabled solutions were not permitted, Mattias used the battery-powered fixtures to allow for the decor to be moved around, all while still using LumenRadio transmitters to control the fixtures.

“At high-profile events such as this, where the demands for reliability and flexibility are extremely high, there’s no better option than LumenRadio” says Robert Larsson, International Sales Manager at LumenRadio. He continues: “I think that Mattias trusting LumenRadio to do the job at an event like this is a testament to the value we offer our customers. With the flexibility wireless connectivity offers, all while still being extremely reliable, I believe lighting designers should start to think about wireless connectivity not only as an option, but rather as a standard in their future work.”

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