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One battery through the whole lifecycle – a reality with ultra low energy mesh

Reduced power consumption for wireless connectivity is a strong demand in many industries, to enable battery-operated wireless devices. LumenRadio’s focus on perfecting wireless technology has led to unique results within low energy mesh. Having wireless products running on the same battery through the whole lifecycle is a demand which could, by some, have been considered […]

Concurrent Bluetooth for Dummies!

Operating on a global market means supporting global wireless standards. And the only truly global wireless standard for end-user interaction out in the field is Bluetooth – like it or not. Having the ability to offer a concurrent Bluetooth interface turns your radio into a true cosmopolite – making your application accessible to users from […]

Smart buildings – The gains of adding connectivity to your products

[Smart buildings – part 2 of 2] Right now, there is an opening of exceptional magnitude for you as product manufacturer to revitalize your business and outrun your competitors by adding “smart” to your products and services. The question is no longer when buildings are transitioning from dumb to smart – instead it’s how and […]