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LumenRadio CEO Per Hulth?n was today voted into second place in the list of top 100 entrepreneurs in Sweden 2009 published by the magazine Shortcuts. Per was awarded the prestigious ranking for being a serial entreprenur having started several successful companies over the last ten years.

LumenRadio are proud to announce CRMX Outdoor? with wireless DMX/RDM. CRMX Outdoor is an adaptation of CRMX Nova? product for outdoor use and is compatible with all other CRMX DMX/RDM products. CRMX Outdoor is the first RDM enabled wireless light control product both waterproof and vandal proof making it suitable for any outdoor installation. CRMX Outdoor will be demonstrated for the first time at LDI 2009. LumenRadio will also demonstrate how CRMX SuperNova? manages and receives feedback from an RDM-enabled wireless light control system. For a look at the future of wireless DMX & RDM, visit LumenRadio at stand 1053 during LDI for a personal demonstration. For more information about CRMX Outdoor, read the press release <a href=”http://lumenradio.com/pressreleases/LumenRadio_announces_CRMX_Outdoor_wireless_DMX_RDM_November_16_2009.pdf”>here</a> or visit our <a href=”http://www.crmxnova.com”>CRMX Nova website</a>.

LumenRadio is today making CRMX SuperNova available for public download on the product site <a href=”http://www.crmxnova.com”>www.crmxnova.com</a>. SuperNova is an RDM controller and management tool that is free to use with LumenRadio’s CRMX Nova RDM products. SuperNova allows the user to visualise the entire lighting network, receive instant feedback from and communicate with RDM enabled devices, and easily set up and change anything from DMX addresses to transmitter frequencies. <a href=”http://www.crmxnova.com/products/supernova.php”>Click here</a> for more information on all the functionality in CRMX SuperNova. The public release of CRMX SuperNova is done after thorough testing both internally and externally. To make sure both CRMX Nova RDM units and CRMX SuperNova were stable enough for use by professionals, the products were tested by an external lab to ensure full RDM compatibility and function. After a clean test report, the products are now openly available to order and download. The independent test report will be made available in the near future.

LumenRadio participated in PLDC (Professional Lighting Designer Convention) on the 29-31 of October. During the convention LumenRadio had ongoing live demonstrations of CRMX wireless light controls for lighting designers and manufacturers.<br><br>Many visitors were amazed by the previously unseen possibilities offered by CRMX in robust wireless light controls with instant feedback from connected fixtures. CRMX SuperNova especially raised some eyebrows by visualising the lighting network in realtime with interactivity. More than a few lighting designers wanted to specify CRMX for current projects, which we were happy to help them with.<br><br>LumenRadio would like to thank all those who visited our demonstration at PLDC. Next chance to see CRMX technology in action will be at LDI in Orlando on the 19-22 of November. We’re at stand 1053 and you are more than welcome to visit us for a demonstration.

LumenRadio was proud to receive PLASA’s Award for Innovation 2009 for the release of new product range CRMX Nova that redefines wireless DMX and RDM. Based on the unique and patent pending CRMX technology with automated cognitive coexistence and the SuperNova RDM Controller, CRMX Nova sets a new standard for wireless controls in the lighting industry. The interest for CRMX Nova during the ongoing PLASA trade show has been tremendous, with a queue forming for the wireless RDM demonstrations at LumenRadio’s stand 1-D36. So if you are visiting the PLASA show this year, we recommend you stop by our stand for a demonstration and prepare to be amazed. For more information about CRMX Nova, please visit our <a href=”http://www.crmxnova.com”>CRMX Nova website</a>

CRMX Nova launched

LumenRadio is proud to announce the launch and immediate availability of CRMX Nova at PLASA 2009. CRMX Nova redefines reliability and fidelity in wireless DMX & RDM distribution and is our first smart and adaptive wireless product range for the Entertainment and Architainment industries. CRMX Nova offers the same robustness as cables, but with the convenience, flexibility, and low installation costs of wireless.<br><br>CRMX Nova will be demonstrated to the world for the first time during PLASA 2009 at LumenRadio’s booth 1-D36 and A.C. Entertainment Technologies’ booth 1-E10. We recommend you stop by to see the full demonstration. See the full press release <a href=”http://lumenradio.com/pressreleases/CRMX_Nova_redefines_wireless_DMX_RDM_september_13_2009.pdf”>here</a> and information on CRMX Nova under <a href=”products.php”>Products</a> or visit our <a href=”http://www.crmxnova.com”>dedicated CRMX Nova website at http://www.crmxnova.com</a>. Hi-res images for printing can be found <a href=”images/press-releases/20090913/”>here</a>

LumenRadio participated with great success in the The Entertainment Services & Technology Association (ESTA) RDM Plugfest in Dallas July 17-19.<br><br>It was evident that significant progress has been made towards industry wide acceptance of this technology. This was demonstrated in large working system setups that proved manufacturer interoperability with as many as 40 different types of devices. Vital steps were also taken at the Plugfest to define the technical foundation that is required to successfully implement RDM in wireless control systems.<br><br>We at LumenRadio were also proud to see our R&D team member, Michael Karlsson, elected into the ESTA Control Protocols Working Group (CPWG).

LumenRadio can now officially claim the prestigious title: <b>HOTTEST NEW SWEDISH COMPANY OF 2009</b>. The company won first prize in the Venture Cup Business Plan Competition outclassing close to a thousand other competitors with its innovative technology and strong business idea. The jury’s motivation can be summed up by their closing statement: <i>”This technology will replace and eliminate all previous solutions.”</i><br>For more information, read the press release <a href=”hottest_new_company_june_12_2009.pdf”>here</a>. Hi-res images for printing can be found <a href=”images/press-releases/20090612/”>here</a>.

LumenRadio wins first prize in business plan competition Venture Cup West, as the most promising new tehnology startup in Western Sweden 2009. A jury of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists voted LumenRadio as no 1 from over 300 new startups competing for the prestigious title. For more information, see link in Swedish only: <a href=”http://vast.venturecup.se/sw30214.asp”>http://vast.venturecup.se/sw30214.asp</a>

LumenRadio are proud to announce the launch of CRMX, our first wireless lighting control OEM product line, in April of 2009. For more information about CRMX read the press release <a href=”CRMX.pdf”>here</a>.