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LumenRadio announces the W-Modbus Module, an OEM offering for wireless meshing modbus RTU

Wireless HVAC & Building Automation technology expert LumenRadio launches the W-Modbus Module – strengthening its OEM offering within the HVAC & Building Automation space. With a small footprint, easy integration and suitability for high-volume production, OEMs now have the possibility to integrate the W-Modbus technology into their own products. There is a growing demand for […]

LumenRadio’s Wireless DALI Lighting Controller is now D4i Certified

LumenRadio continues it’s excellence in wireless innovation with AirGlow, a smart outdoor lighting control solution that has recently passed D4i certification. It boasts unique features and benefits not previously seen in the outdoor lighting control segment. It offers improved range, unparalleled reliability, and easy commissioning.  With AirGlow meeting parts 351, 101 and 103 certification requirements, […]

Mira release 2.6: Opening the “black box” – making complex IoT systems easy to monitor and understand

Today LumenRadio releases version 2.6 of Mira – their ultra-reliable, low power wireless mesh stack – with new features and improvements focusing on usability, management and debugging capabilities.  Distributed and embedded systems are very hard to manage and debug, and a wireless mesh system is by no means an exception to that rule. This is […]


For the fifth year in a row, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) wants to stimulate small and medium sized companies’ digital transformation by arranging the Smart Industri competition. This initiative was founded by Siemens, Teknikföretagen and IVA with the purpose is to highlight and reward companies that take advantage of the possibilities […]

Mira release 2.5: Wireless technology reach new levels of stability and scalability

Wireless technology experts LumenRadio take their unique reliability to a new level with the new release of Mira – their wireless technology for reliable device-to-device mesh connectivity – cementing their position as the most resilient and Future-Proof connectivity solution on the market.  Today LumenRadio – a global leader in reliable wireless communication – release version […]

The future of CRMX and W-DMX – what lies ahead? A Q&A session with Alexander Hellstrom, CEO

Since the acquisition of Wireless Solution back in March 2020, LumenRadio and Wireless Solution have the same owner, the same CEO and even share some engineering expertise. Together, the two companies form a heavy-weight player within the wireless DMX market. But what is the plan for the two companies and how will this affect you […]

LumenRadio presents AirGlow – an advanced wireless outdoor lighting control with unique range and easy commissioning

Wireless lighting technology expert LumenRadio launches AirGlow – a new product for outdoor lighting control that comes with a Zhaga Book 18 connector for easy installation and LumenRadio’s ultra reliable wireless mesh technology built in. In addition, AirGlow offers features and benefits not seen before in the outdoor lighting control segment, which together with the […]

LumenRadio Continues to Support Smart Building Ecosystem by Joining CABA

LumenRadio is excited to announce that it has officially joined The Continental Automated Building Association (CABA). CABA is a global non-profit organization focused on intelligent building technologies and the connected home market.  LumenRadio is a wireless solution provider developing the world’s most resilient and Future-Proof connectivity for smart building applications. Their vision is reducing complexity […]

StageLight adds support for LumenRadio’s MoonLite and TimoTwo platform

StageLight is a professional lighting control app for the iPad and since version 2.13 it supports LumenRadio’s Moonlite for streaming DMX data directly from an iPad to the Moonlite using Bluetooth.  The software combines the classic hardware lighting console feeling with a modern and intuitive design. StageLight gives lighting designers and operators, musicians and artists, […]