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Go wireless and take predictive maintenance to the next level!

Many manufacturers are today looking at the possibilities of implementing predictive maintenance and embracing digitalisation. With this post we want to explain the importance of choosing a wireless connectivity that can take your predictive maintenance solutions to the next level! Already in the 1950s the concept “condition-based monitoring”, CBM, was introduced in the industry to […]

Wireless mesh -Live demo at SPS trade show

Trade fairs are great examples of environments with lots of radio disturbances and it’s a widespread opinion that showcasing wireless technology at a tradeshow is doomed to fail. But at a tradeshow like SPS, with a focus on smart and digital automation, it’s necessary to be able to showcase wireless connected products for harsh industrial […]

Industry 4.0 | Creating self-predicting electric drives with ABB and Ericsson

LumenRadio is excited to start collaborating with ABB, KTH, Ericsson and Imagimob to tackle the Industry 4.0 vision of Self-predicting, inter-communicating electric drives. The project is coordinated by KTH (Royal Institiute of Technology) and involves a number of industrial partners (ABB AB, Ericsson AB, Imagimob AB and LumenRadio AB) with competences in electric power, artificial […]