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Will we really see the future at ISH 2019?

In a few weeks it is time for ISH – the world’s leading trade fair for HVAC + Water and of course I’m really excited. Partly because LumenRadio is exhibiting for the first time but also because the topic will be about responsible management of energy in buildings and all the exciting trends in new […]

How to start your IoT initiative – solve your tangible problem!

Starting your IoT journey is as exciting as it is overwhelming. Digitalization is booming, but there is still a big gap in the information to be found and many companies are left irresolute. In all of this confusion, the most important issue is often forgotten; before you start your journey, you need to know where […]

Smart buildings to the rescue

[Smart buildings – part 1 of 2] – Smart buildings offer the entire building sector serious appeal, and for good reason. In the midst of the unprecedented growth of smart technologies, there is a unique window of opportunity for product owners to get ahead of the competition and super-charge an existing product business. This is […]

Smart products – The future of the connected retail store!

How can your next generation of products enable your retailer to provider a better In-store experience, driving increased sales and better conversion rates? How can entrance systems, gates, shelves, refrigerated counters, lights or price tags become smart products that helps in the battle between the online vs the offline customer? Well, making your products connected […]