Connected Lighting

Wireless control for interior lighting & outdoor street lighting

W-DALI for Interior Lighting AirGlow for Street Lighting

LumenRadio’s ranges for wireless lighting control – W-DALI for interior lighting and AirGlow for street lighting – use our patented cognitive coexistence technology – the most frequency-friendly and reliable connectivity solution on the market today. Wireless control is quick and simple to install and helps you to significantly reduce energy usage.


Save cost and reduce power consumption with instantly adaptable lighting.


No long-term agreements or recurring fees, just a one-time cost.


No rewiring or construction work means quicker and easier projects.


AirGlow – Wireless Control for Street Lighting

AirGlow reduces power consumption, helps create a safe environment for residents and enables lighting suitable for biodiversity. It combines advanced wireless control for street lighting with uniquely scalable technology.

Using a standard Zhaga Book 18 connector and including major benefits such as LumenRadio’s reliable wireless mesh technology, tunable white functionality, easy commissioning using Bluetooth and superior range connectivity through optimized radio performance, AirGlow offers an out-of-the-box connectivity never before seen in the outdoor lighting control segment.

DALI lighting control
With AirGlow you get a smart wireless lighting control system which can be programmed for advanced night dimming schemes with sensors reacting on any movement from the immediate surrounding, turning on the light to full illumination within a second. No movement, no lighting, no waste.

Wireless DALI, W-DALI

W-DALI – wireless control for interior lighting

Make installation projects more profitable with LumenRadio’s W-DALI lighting control. Contractors can carry out building retrofits in record time with no need for extensive rewiring or complex construction work.

Simple installation
The W-DALI DIN RAIL transmitter clicks straight into the electrical cabinet, right next to the existing DALI controller, and the W-DALI Nodes can connect up to 10 fixtures at once. The network is created at the touch of a button.

Full DALI support
Use your preferred wired DALI controller together with any DALI compatible
lighting and/or DALI sensors. W-DALI is fully transparent to any forward and backward DALI frames – and there is no change to commissioning or programming.