With AirGlow® LumenRadio brings the future of light controls to Light + Building

PRESS RELEASE: LumenRadio, one of the world’s leaders in reliable wireless technology and developers of Future-Proof Coexistence Connectivity, will showcase a unique wireless lighting control solution at Light + building. The product, called AirGlow®, comes packed with powerful and easy-to-use features and will revolutionize the commissioning of Dali fixtures.  

AirGlow® is a multi-standard lighting control solution with both DALI and 1-10V interface and since it is compatible with both Bluetooth Mesh and LumenRadio’s own ultra-reliable Mira Mesh technology, AirGlow can be used for light control of individual rooms but can also be programmed to be part of a larger meshed network and therefore scalable to allow for full building light control.

“AirGlow® is a small, versatile, and powerful light control product that will allow fixture manufacturers of all sizes having their fixture becoming truly wireless” says Robert Larsson, Sales Director, Smart Lighting at LumenRadio. “With AirGlow’s multi-standard support, ability for sensor input, combined with an app for easy commissioning and configuration, we think AirGlow® is the future of light control.”

“AirGlow® is based on LumenRadio’s many years of wireless experience, both from the professional lighting industry but also from IoT-enabled products within the smart building industry. “ says Niclas Norlén, CTO of LumenRadio. With AirGlow® we will not only help our customers to solve the light controls problems of today but we also offer a solution that,  virtually overnight, will make the luminaire IoT ready.

Sign up for your free pair of AirGlows at Light + Building in Frankfurt, March 18-23

We are showcasing AirGlow® at the Light + Building trade show in Frankfurt on March 18-23 and invite you to sign up for your free pair of AirGlows, when released! Become an “AirGlower” in hall 4.1, booth B71.  


  • Minimal footprint and extensive interfaces for easy integration into luminaire or gang box.
  • Easy and hassle free commissioning for operation through app
  • Stand alone system, no need for cloud service or gateway for operation
  • Bluetooth Mesh and Mira IPv6 Mesh multi standard support
  • 2 DALI interfaces for control of DALI driver/ballast and DALI sensor input
  • Integrated DALI power supply on both interfaces
  • 1-10V analog control output
  • 2 standard switch inputs for scene select or manual dimming
  • Light control and commissioning through app
  • Live mains switching output

Read more about AirGlow® – Click here:

Or contact Niclas Norlén, CTO, niclas.norlen@lumenradio.com+46 766 278 728