The spectacular and stunningly beautiful Opera Nouvel (Opera de Lyon) in Lyon, France is now home to a large LumenRadio wireless CRMX Nova system.

Jean Paul Poncet, Chief Electrician at the Opera, who has been searching for a reliable wireless DMX/RDM signal distribution to withstand the toughest challenges in the house, made sure that the technology would match the building’s spectacular modernistic exterior and included the latest and greatest state-of-the-art control technology, CRMX.

Opera de Lyon are more than just an events venue, it’s an architectural achievement. The original arcades of the original 1756 edifice remain, but the soaring vaulted roof, glowing in the Lyon night, offers a first glimpse into its magnificently modern style. One of France’s most distinguished architects Jean Nouvel, for whom the opera house is named, designed the sleek glass addition to house what has been hailed as France’s most interesting stage.

Poncet in cooperation with LumenRadio’s French distributor AVAB Transtechnik, installed a wireless CRMX Nova system, containing 2 pcs CRMX Nova dual universe RDM transmitters and 10 pcs CRMX Nova single universe RDM receivers to allow signal distribution throughout the scene area with minimum impact on the historic interior of the building and without any down-time.

“The performance of LumenRadio’s CRMX system has been outstanding and in a class by itself. The CRMX wireless technology provides unsurpassed flexibility, and with the extensive support for Ethernet based protocols, it’s simply the perfect product for us”, says Jean Paul Poncet.