Lightfair 2019 LumenRadio

A unique multi standard wireless lighting control solution showcased at LIGHTFAIR

LumenRadio, the world’s leading wireless lighting controls manufacturer and connectivity enabler, will exhibit at LIGHTFAIR and present their new AirGlow product – a multi standard wireless lighting control solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor light control.  AirGlow is unique in that it can scale from individual light group control to be used for large scale light control systems with IoT connectivity.

Wireless technology provider LumenRadio offers patented technologies, a unique operating system, state of the art radio modules and “off-the-shelf” products which provide ultra-reliable mesh connectivity for the most business critical applications.

Today, LumenRadio is the market leader within wireless DMX and their patented CRMX technology has become a de-facto standard within both Professional lighting and Film lighting. Using the same ultra-reliable connectivity technology, LumenRadio is now entering the Connected Lighting segment, offering fixture manufacturers their new AirGlow product, thereby enabling a quick time to market for reliable wireless connectivity.

At LIGHTFAIR LumenRadio will present AirGlow – a product platform for both indoor and outdoor light controls that can scale from individual light group control to large scale light control system with IoT connectivity. The product comes packed with powerful and easy-to-use features and is compatible with both Bluetooth and their ultra-reliable Mira Mesh technology.

Due to the small size and versatile interfaces, AirGlow for Indoor usage is ideal for integration both into luminaires as well as integration into standard gang or junction boxes.

AirGlow for outdoor incorporates the LumenRadio’s MWA module, which is tailored for outdoor operation. With a line-of-sight range of up to 500m, AirGlow for outdoor offers performance previously only seen with sub-GHz frequencies.

Enabling Coexistence
AirGlow is built on LumenRadio’s embedded Mira operating system, which enables the world’s most resilient wireless mesh connectivity for business critical applications. The core technology is the Cognitive Coexistence patent that enables your product to coexist along with other wireless technologies, not being interfered and not causing interference.


A “one stop shop”
LumenRadio is a one-stop-shop when it comes to wireless lighting control. Whether you need wireless DMX for indoor or outdoor or a multi standard lighting control solution compatible with Bluetooth and the ultra-reliable Mira Mesh technology, LumenRadio is the company to turn to.

Showcased at LIGHTFAIR in Philadelphia. May 21-23
Visit us at LIGHTFAIR to learn more about how AirGlow allows unique scalability. Let AirGlow give you a quick time to market for your smart fixtures. You will find us in the IoT Pavilion booth 4344.

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Predictive maintenance - a strong trend at Hannover Messe

New solutions for Predictive Maintenance – a strong trend at Hannover Messe

I guess that few have missed the trend of industry 4.0 and after years of prediction many hyped ideas for futuristic factories are turning into reality. At the Hannover Messe in April we were inspired by the speed of innovation in the industry and especially of the strong trend towards techniques to predict the future failure points of machine components.

It is not a big surprise that the top three technologies trending on the Hannover Fair was 5G, IOT and Cloud. However, new solutions for Predictive Maintenance is an upcoming trend and more and more companies are taking the next step to positioning themselves within this field.

We at LumenRadio love Predictive Maintenance, not only because of the cost effectiveness that it implies, but also the need for large scale meshing wireless sensor networks. Interconnection and the ability for devices to connect and communicate with each other is an important prerequisite for the development of the next industrial revolution. The connectivity technology is the base for reliable predictive maintenance solutions and it will more and more set the framework for future product performance.

Imagine if countless different sensors could be mounted wirelessly anywhere in a harsh industrial environment. All connected to each other in a perfectly applied meshed network, running on batteries or energy harvesting technology. Then picture yourself that the wireless connection is even more reliable and robust in comparison to wired solutions and that the power consumption is as low as a few micro amperes. This scenario is not fictive anymore. Technology from LumenRadio makes it possible to install sensors anywhere in a super easy way, but also retrofit already installed sensors. Wireless = Effortless.

We believe that Predictive Maintenance will be a requirement in future Industrial applications. That is why now is the perfect time to start implementing the wireless technology needed to succeed in the next industrial revolution. Smart Predictive Maintenance is still considered an up-and-coming trend, which opens up possibilities for companies to out-run the competition and differentiate their product offer.

The installation of wireless sensors is predicted to grow at an exponential rate over the next few years, Industrial sensor networks being a big part of this growth. Are you considering wireless predictive maintenance or want to know more about why choosing the right wireless technology will be crucial for your future success?

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