5 reasons to go wireless within HVAC and Building Automation

5 Reasons To Go Wireless Within HVAC & Building Automation

Wireless functionality is a strong growing trend within Building automation, but at the same time there seems to be a mistrust towards wireless solutions. We claim that going forward your biggest enemy will be having cables as an HVAC (non)solution. How to guarantee your future-proof reliable wireless solution? Read below!

Ok, we admit, wired sensors until just a few years ago were the only reliable alternative in a building automation system. Many might still think to have a reliable, flexible and easy system it needs to be wired. Upon taking a closer look at your wired system; do you have disadvantages such as expensive cables, time consuming installation work and limitation in scalability and maintenance?

The wireless technology of today is so intelligent that wireless sensors in a perfectly applied mesh network are even more reliable and easy to maintain than wired solutions. So, what else is in it for you?  Below are just a few of the reasons to go wireless, and leave your biggest enemy behind.


1. Easy Installation & Commissioning
Wired systems in commercial buildings often have very high costs for installation and commissioning. The wired legacy systems are not flexible, and recommissioning and rearrangements have always been major cost drivers. The cost for troubleshooting has always been the subject of frustration between the supplier, installer and customer. Going wireless means you could cut those costs; as much as 60%, compared to your wired system.

The large savings stated above, is of course related to a reduction of cabling. However, the biggest contributor to these cost reductions is the time for commissioning. With wireless technology, by communicating with devices using a mobile app, a building wide controls network can be commissioned in days instead of weeks. No more expensive and time-consuming installation procedures!


2. Reduced Energy Consumption
With new environmental requirements and legislations (BREEAM, LEED etc) the need for reducing energy consumption and operating costs are vital. The HVAC industry is forced to create energy efficient and flexible products for sustainability to meet those requirements.

Making your product wireless enables energy efficient and demand-controlled HVAC solutions.

The products and services you sell can provide sustainable green buildings through low energy consumption with the possibility to collect data from sensors and control products.


3. Fast & Flexible Refurbishment
A wireless system offers unparalleled flexibility. With a wired system one needs to decide upon the building’s functionality very early in the building process.  More often than not, before you know who the tenants will be. A wireless system gives the flexibility to decide this much later, since there will always be ongoing refurbishment in large office buildings. Therefore, future expensive rearrangements can be forgone. A wireless building automation system enables changes with just the push of a button.


4. Battery Powered Devices
With the right wireless mesh technology you can achieve an intelligent and self-healing network that routes data to its destination in the shortest and most energy-efficient way- no repeaters needed.  This means there is no need for external power supplies to keep the routing transmitters on, and it is possible for battery operated devices to have the same battery the whole lifecycle.


5. Enabling of Value Added Services
A wireless system also opens the doors to value-added services which makes it easy to test new service related offers without any major investments. Valuable data from the building can be provided to the real estate owner, which opens up new services such as optimization of cleaning, space utilization, asset management etc. The connected sensors can be used for so much more than just controlling the indoor climate.


Get ahead of the competition
Today we see there is a huge demand for wireless control and sensor products within HVAC.  Wireless systems offers reduced installation costs, never seen before flexibility, great energy savings and new groundbreaking services. Another key factor is the new environmental requirements and legislations that force manufacturers to create energy efficient and flexible products for improved sustainability.

So outrun your biggest enemy (yes, the cables) and get ahead of your competition! Do you want to know how LumenRadio can help you? Contact sales!


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LumenRadio, the world’s leading wireless lighting controls manufacturer and connectivity enabler, now release MoonLite™ a brand new patent-pending wireless lighting control product with bluetooth connectivity, color coded pairing and built in battery.

MoonLite™ is a wireless CRMX receiver and transmitter built on LumenRadio’s new TimoTwo™ module where they have updated their award winning ultra-reliable CRMX technology. By introducing TimoTwo™ and MoonLite™ to the market LumenRadio says that they are entering the “New era of Wireless DMX”.

MoonLite™ is a state-of-the-art transceiver; thanks to its small size, built-in battery and dual XLR connectors it is ideal for use at clubs, small stage events, corporate events, in theatres and temporary events where wireless DMX is needed. The Bluetooth connectivity enables control and configuration through CRMX toolbox app.

MoonLite™ has the same reliable functionalities as all LumenRadio’s CRMX products, but is updated with even smarter disturbance detection technology, allowing for even more stable connectivity – and it comes in a much smaller package.

MoonLite™ features
• Built on the latest CRMX technology
• DMX transceiver (TX and RX)
• RDM enabled in RX mode
• DC power
• Bluetooth connectivity
• Rechargeable battery included (10-12 hours in CRMX RX and 20 hours in Bluetooth mode)
• Check battery status through app
• Color coded pairing indication
• Velcro fastening
• Firmware updates available over Bluetooth, USB or XLR

Bluetooth connectivity
With built-in support for Bluetooth connectivity, MoonLite™ enables tablet and phone based lighting control software to connect directly without the need for extra hardware.
LumenRadio´s new CRMX Toolbox app makes it easy to connect to your fixtures, allowing for DMX light control and configuration directly from a handheld device. By using LumenRadio’s open Bluetooth API, you can also build your own lighting control application or connect to 3rd party controllers.

“What better way to control and configure your MoonLite™ then from the palm of your hand? Using our new CRMX Toolbox app you can quickly identify your Moonlite, check battery status, conduct firmware updates, toggle between receiver and transmitter mode, change output power and much more. The new era of wireless DMX is finally here” says Niclas Norlén CTO of LumenRadio

MoonLite™ is ready to ship in Q2 2019

Showcased at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, April 2-5
At Prolight + Sound you will be able to see the MoonLite™ and the CRMX Toolbox in action, learn more about how TimoTwo™ opens up for the “New era of Wireless DMX”. This year you find LumenRadio in Hall 12.1, booth C58.

For more information read here or contact:
Jens Markebjer, International Sales Manager
+46 (0)721-86 94 72
Niclas Norlén, CTO
+46 766 278 728




LumenRadio, world leader in providing reliable wireless DMX, is taking their patented technology to the next level with the release of their new module TimoTwo™ – the next generation of wireless DMX communication.

The current TiMo™ platform, which was launched back in 2014, enables unprecedented reliable wireless DMX for fixture manufacturers. LumenRadio’s new TimoTwo™  platform is the next generation of reliable wireless DMX communication and with patent pending DMXmesh™ option, Bluetooth compatibility and improved Coexistence, TimoTwo™ will be the most reliable and useful radio module for wireless DMX.

LumenRadio’s TimoTwo™ is a fully integrated DMX/RDM module and offers over-the-air firmware upgrades, SMT mounting, an integrated on-chip antenna as well as a UF.L connector for external antennas. It will be available for purchase in Q2, 2019

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth enables easy commissioning and lighting control using portable devices, firmware updates over the air and support for DMX over Bluetooth (in TX mode). You can also build your own lighting control app using LumenRadio’s open Bluetooth API.

Improved Coexistence

TimoTwo™ has a dynamic RF transmission resulting in reduced RF footprint as well as improved disturbance detection and improved reliability


The DMXmesh™ option, which will be made available later on this year, enables flexible fixture placement and an extended range of your wireless communication.  

With LumenRadio’s patent pending DMXmesh™ technology, every receiver and fixture will also act as a repeater, where all devices coordinate among themselves to make sure that the coverage is expanded in the most optimal.  

Also, by using the DMXMesh™ option the time needed for installation and wireless commissioning will be greatly reduced for architectural and architainment illumination with no more site surveys or complicated planning for the wireless DMX distribution. The DMXmesh™ technology will let you focus on what is important; illumination, not on DMX distribution.


CRMX Toolbox app

With TimoTwo™ in your fixtures, you can now use our newly developed CRMX Toolbox app to track and connect to your fixtures and controllers. TimoTwo’s built-in Bluetooth connectivity enables DMX light control through 3rd party smart device light controllers as well as the option to build your own application using our open Bluetooth API.

From now on, there is no need for any extra hardware to connect to and control your fixtures from handheld devices – you have full control light control in the palm of your hand!


Showcased at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, April 2-5

Visit us at Prolight + Sound to learn more about how TimoTwo™ opens up for the “New era of Wireless DMX” and come and see booth the MoonLite and the CRMX Toolbox in action . This year you find us in Hall 12.1, booth C58.


For more information read here or contact:

Robert Larsson, Sales Director, Smart Lighting
+46 709 10 24 20


Niclas Norlén, CTO
+46 766 278 728




LumenRadio announces the appointment of Sean Dane to the position of US Sales Manager.  Bringing extensive knowledge and experience of the wireless DMX industry, Sean is uniquely qualified to help propel sales of LumenRadio’s wireless technology and will work closely with the rest of the LumenRadio team to position the brand for its next phase of growth in the US marketplace.  In his new role, Sean will be responsible for all OEM sales activities on behalf of LumenRadio in the US, reporting directly to Robert Larsson, Sales Director at LumenRadio.

Sean joins LumenRadio after six years as the Sales Director and Application Specialist at RC4 Wireless. During this time, Sean has worked closely with many LumenRadio end users within the film, theatre, theme parks and concert touring environments. During the same time, Sean has also worked with many of the current LumenRadio OEM partners.

After spending ten years in production, Sean moved to the manufacturing and sales side of the industry where he has held roles such as sales director, application specialist, freelance properties designer as well as a prop master for the Kansas City Repertory Theatre. His hands-on production and sales experience is a great benefit to both LumenRadio and to our customers and we are confident our US based customers and OEM partners will soon see the benefit of Sean’s knowledge and experience in wireless technology.

Says Robert Larsson, Sales Director LumenRadio – “ We are delighted to have Sean join the LumenRadio team – his background, knowledge and experience of wireless technologies in general, and our CRMX technology in particular, makes Sean an ideal fit to support our continued growth on the US market and I’m confident he will be a great asset in delivering on our commercial goals as well as to support our current and future customers”

As the Sales Director for an OEM partner, I saw first hand the power and flexibility of the CRMX platform. I am excited to join the LumenRadio team after working with the technology for a number of years. Both the technology and the team behind it continually impressed me and I could not be happier to be joining them” says Sean Dane

He continues; “CRMX technology being implemented in so many manufactures products is a testament to the development team behind it and I am thrilled to work with them on the next generation of products. I am eager to share both my production experience and my knowledge of wireless DMX with our customers and OEM partners. I expect to see great things continue to develop for both LumenRadio and our customers.”