LumenRadio CRMX in Jurassic World

CRMX returns to Jurassic World

LumenRadio once again shows why it’s the leading brand of wireless DMX with it’s CRMX technology. As the de-facto standard, and the go-to technology, for wireless DMX within the feature film and TV industry; CRMX returned to Isla Nublar to help save the remaining dinosaurs that were left behind.


In the recently premiered blockbuster film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom LumenRadio’s CRMX technology played an important role; the CRMX technology was put to use for controlling ARRI Skylink fixtures throughout the sets. And once again LumenRadio showed why their technology is want is used by all major lighting manufacturers in the film industry, since it’s the only technology that can be used in the harsh wireless environments on set.

LumenRadio in Jurassic World - from the set in Hawaii

From the set in Hawaii

Large part of the movie was shot in the jungles of Hawaii where Lighting Console programmer Richard Rasmusen relied on the wireless DMX system from LumenRadio to save time – hence saving money for the production. When having effects in the jungle, pulling a control cable is simply not an option – turning to wireless DMX from LumenRadio was the logical choice for Richard with a multitude of wireless receivers scattered throughout the jungle for easy access to DMX wherever needed. “I’ve been using LumenRadio’s products almost every day for quite some time.  Through the ever changing weather conditions of the Hawaiian jungle and beaches LumenRadio products worked flawless. It saves so much time and trouble. The fact that the technology is built into almost all fixtures these days makes it so amazing!” says Richard.


Michael Karlsson, R&D Manager at LumenRadio elaborates: “We have been the de-facto standard used for wireless control in this industry for quite some time now – there simply are no other options that can deal with all the disturbances in the air at a busy set. Reliability is of essence here, if it doesn’t work – time is running. And time means money.”


Visit from Lithuanias ministry 2018

Innovation in focus for Lithuania’s minister of economy

Last week, we had a noble visit from Lithuania’s Minister of Economy and Innovation, Virginijus Sinkevičius. Together with three colleagues they came to Sweden to seek lessons on innovation and entrepreneurship.


Lithuania is focused on offering a dynamic and innovative business environment and many international companies are currently assembling quality research and innovation teams in the country. The country has a strong and committed governmental support for R&D and a longstanding focus on developing highly educated talents.


The purpose of Mr Sinkevičius visit was to meet some of the leading Swedish technology companies to better understand the trends as well as look at partnership opportunities. We at LumenRadio are proud to be chosen for a visit together with leading companies in Stockholm and Gothenburg, together with Nasdaq and Volvo Trucks.


LumenRadio’s research and development department was in focus during the visit and Michael Karlsson, R&D Manager, explained:

“We are always looking to further strengthen our position when it comes to technology leadership and innovation. It was an honor meeting with Mr Sinkevičius and his team to talk about the future of IoT and hear about their initiatives within our field of technology. It really helps in getting a picture of what possibilities we have.”    


We are most impressed with the long-term vision, competence and passion LumenRadio team demonstrates. The IoT market is expanding rapidly and this company is well positioned to take a lead in secure wireless communication. Lithuania has a lot to offer in embedded software and hardware engineering fields, and we hope to partner in the future.”

said Virginijus Sinkevičius, who has been the minister of economy since 2017.