LumenRadio is today making CRMX SuperNova available for public download on the product site SuperNova is an RDM controller and management tool that is free to use with LumenRadio’s CRMX Nova RDM products. SuperNova allows the user to visualise the entire lighting network, receive instant feedback from and communicate with RDM enabled devices, and easily set up and change anything from DMX addresses to transmitter frequencies. Click here for more information on all the functionality in CRMX SuperNova. The public release of CRMX SuperNova is done after thorough testing both internally and externally. To make sure both CRMX Nova RDM units and CRMX SuperNova were stable enough for use by professionals, the products were tested by an external lab to ensure full RDM compatibility and function. After a clean test report, the products are now openly available to order and download. The independent test report will be made available in the near future.